Registration Forms must be completed, indicating your participation in the CEU or Degree Completion Program and returned to Trevecca Nazarene University (TNU).

If you choose to enroll in the Degree Completion Program, you must complete an Application for Admission to the Christian Ministry Undergraduate Program and an Officer Education Application.  Applications are available from the School for Continuing Education, Trevecca Nazarene University or online at Officer Education Applications are available through your Divisional Headquarters.  Only one (1) Officer Education Application per year is required.

  • Classes begin on Monday, May 15, 2006, promptly at 1:00 PM. Make your travel arrangements to be present for all sessions.
  • Travel vouchers with receipts should be completed upon return to your appointment and forwarded to the School for Continuing Education, 1032 Metropolitan Pkwy., SW, Atlanta, GA., 30310; travel vouchers should include only costs for travel to and from Nashville and in-route expenses (food, lodging)
  • Your attendance is required. If you fail to complete the CEU requirements at Trevecca you will be required to refund the tuition cost to the Army.
  • Questions regarding these programs may be directed to Maj. Mike Reagan or Jennifer Gensler at the SCE, or Mrs. Gail Pusey at TNU.



Christian Ministry Program-May 2006
Class List & Reading Assignment

CMN 3500/350U  Biblical Exegesis and Exposition Special Studies in the Bible (Romans)   Dunning

A special study of an aspect of biblical literature, with particular attention given to one book from that section of scripture, for both a clearer understanding of the text and its application for preaching/teaching in the local church. This course may be repeated if focus is on a different book of the Bible.

  • Assigned Text: Jeffrey P. Greenman (Ed.), Reading Romans Through the Centuries: From the Early Church to Karl Barth (Brazos Press, 2005) ISBN: 1587431564                                                              

CMN 4050/405U Wesleyan Holiness Theology                                     Spaulding

An exploration of the biblical, historical, and doctrinal sources for articulating a Wesleyan holiness theology for the local congregation.

  • Assigned Text: Thomas Jay Oord and Lodahl, Michael, Relational Holiness: Responding to the Call to Love (Kansas City: Beacon Hill Press, 2005) ISBN 0834121824

CMN 4650/465U  Christian Education                                                                 Fox

A review of the design and dynamics of faithful educational ministry including basic issues of curriculum development, teaching/learning, and program development.

  • Assigned Text: James Riley Estep, Jr. (Ed.), The Heritage of Christian Education (College Press Publishing, 2003) ISBN 0899009042

CMN 4750/475U  Perspectives in Preaching                                                        Ball

Overview of contemporary approaches to preaching including theoretical and practical application in sermon design and delivery.

  • Assigned Text: Ralph L. Lewis with Gregg Lewis, Inductive Preaching: Helping People Listen (Crossway Books, 1983) ISBN 089107287X

To receive CEU credit an officer must

  1. Complete the preliminary pre-session reading of the assigned text.
  2. Attend all class sessions.
  3. Write a 4-5 page book critique of the assigned text, and
  4. Write a 4-5 page integrative paper over the reading/class discussions, summarizing key concepts from the class and indicating how they might be integrated into ministry. See guidelines below. This assignment is due approximately one month after the class met. 

CEU assignments are not given point values (points are received only by degree-seeking students who receive a final grade for the course) but are marked "pass" or "fail."  The student must receive a pass on both written assignments and attend the sessions in order to receive CEU credit from Trevecca.

Guidelines for Book Critique

  1. Read the book thoroughly, thoughtfully, and carefully.  Particularly be aware of significant and meaningful sections of the book and pay special attention to how the author develops the thought of the book.
  2. Begin your critique by describing what you observed in #1 above along with what you perceive the author's purpose to have been for writing the book.
  3. Describe in detail the author's strong points. Weak points. Major issues that were thoroughly examined. Major issues that were ignored or avoided. 
  4. Interact personally with the author and the overall purpose of the book. What was most helpful for you? Why? What did you learn in the book? With what areas did you particularly agree? Why? With what areas did you find troublesome or even disagreement? Why? For whom do you think reading this book would be of value?

Throughout your critique be certain to; major on major points, think critically (thoughtfully and reflectively) and analytically (how the parts of the book relate to the whole). Be sure to work with the full book rather than one area that engaged your attention.

To view the syllabi for most of the listed courses, please go to the Christian Ministry Program website:


Go to this site
If you have further questions call Sherry Crutchfield at 615-248-1378



When contacting the Hotel ask for the "Trevecca Rate or Salvation Army". You must make your reservation by
May 1, 2006
to secure these rates.

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$50 (includes hot breakfast)  

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