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MISDEMEANOR Probation Services

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The Salvation Army Correctional Services contracts with multiple Florida counties to provide supervision for misdemeanor offenders sentenced to probation in county court.

Local needs are assessed in developing these programs, and The Salvation Army Correctional Services works with the judges of each county to determine what services are appropriate for their county. While all programs may not be provided in each county, these services are provided throughout Florida:

Batterers Intervention -

This state certified program for convicted domestic violence offenders helps identify the triggers that lead to violence. Participation is often a requirement of sentencing.

Collection and distribution of Fines/Court Costs and Restitution -

These monies are disbursed to the County Clerk and victims accordingly.

Community Service Placement -

The Salvation Army Correctional Services ensures probationers complete the required hours of community service as set by the court while providing medical injury insurance to protect the probationer. The placement of those sentenced to community service hours but not sentenced to probation is also provided.

Drug/Alcohol Screening -

Some programs offer in house drug testing for those required by the courts to undergo urine screens as a condition of their probation. This makes the process more convenient for the client and more efficient for the probation office.

Pre-Trial Intervention -

This intervention program is limited to criminal, non-violent first offenders. The program allows the participants to have the charge dismissed if certain requirements are met. The Salvation Army Correctional Services provides supervision and verification of program requrements. 

Victim Impact Panels -

Courts require convicted drunk driving offenders to attend the program. Panels consist of victims and a moderator who voluntarily agree to tell about their tragic losses due to a drunk driver.

Vehicle Immobilization -

A mandatory condition of DUI probation is the immobilization of the probationers vehicle for a certain number of days as sentenced by the court. The Salvation Army Correctional Services can assist with the completion of this condition. The fee charged by The Salvation Army is usually lower than other private providers in the community.

GPS Monitoring -

Electronic monitoring supervised by the Salvation Army Correctional Services provides an alternative to incarceration for clients awaiting sentencing. Electronic monitoring is also a condition of probation in some cases. The two types of electronic monitoring used are GPS (Global Positioning System) and Radio Frequency transmitters. Clients are required to wear a tracking unit which enables the monitoring officer to verify the clients presence or absence at a specified location.


In addition to these services that are required to complete their probation, The Salvation Army also offers courses to help clients develop the skills and knowledge needed to get back on their feet. These courses include behavior modification, anger control, employment assistance, and money management.

The Salvation Army also provides assistance with obtaining needed social services in the community. Each location has recourse either provided by The Salvation Army or other agencies to obtain short-term housing, food vouchers, rent subsidies, utility assistance, clothing, furniture, prescriptions and transportation.


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