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Correctional Services

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The Salvation Army provides various programs in the State of Florida to assist people who have found themselves involved in the criminal justice system. We also see ourselves as partners with governmental agencies in providing cost effective alternatives to public operated community corrections services, which are a savings to taxpayers.

Offenders have additional hurdles to overcome in attempting to become contributing members of the community that others do not, such as obtaining employment and housing, etc. Because of our long history of working with offenders, our staff members are aware of these hurdles and are experienced in resolving these issues that are unique to offenders. Often The Salvation Army has the resources to meet these needs. If not, we have long standing relationships with various community social services agencies that can provide more specific services needed by our clients.

The Salvation Army Correctional Services has been providing services to Florida communities with programs for inmates returning home from prison, felony probationers court ordered to residential substance abuse treatment or supervision for offenders sentenced to misdemeanor probation by a number of county courts across Florida.

We have a dual purpose to provide support and assistance to those under our supervision and to be a part of a community effort to address the issue of crime in our neighborhoods.

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