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Leaving a Legacy


The material wealth we accumulate during our lifetimes can be used to benefit not only family members but others we don't know. 

By leaving a "legacy," or a bequest, to a charitable organization such as The Salvation Army your gift can live on.  

A finanical planner or attorney can explain to you the various types of charitable giving. The Salvation Army's Planned Giving Department has trained representatives that can assist in choosing the most beneficial tool to maximize both your gift and the tax benefit to your estate. 

The Salvation Army has provided all types of assistance in its 140 plus years of existence. Many of the funds used to provide the assistance is a direct result of bequests left by donors from all walks of life and for a whole host of different reasons. Some leave a legacy because of the doughnuts and coffee that were lovingly provided during the World Wars. Others remember The Salvation Army because of the addictions rehabilitation offered a loved one or to themselves. The recent spate of hurricanes have created a whole new category of appreciative recipients of The Salvation Army's care and concern. 

What happens to the gift you leave?  

The Florida Divisional Legacy Department has the responsibility of monitoring the flow of correspondence, documentation, checks, and other legacy-related items from the local units to Territorial Headquarters in Atlanta. The Legacy Department staff maintains a database of the various kinds of donor gifts. The staff is the liaision between the local units and estate/trust attorneys, trust officers and Territorial Headquarters. 

One aspect of the Legacy Department's duties is to make sure each file is in compliance with the Financial Accounting Standards(FASB) Guidelines for non-profit organizations. The Army must account for every donation, to make sure it is being used as the donor intended. The Florida Statutes sets forth what documentation each beneficiary of a trust or will is entitled to receive upon reasonable request. The cite for the statutes relating to trust administration is Chapter 737 and  The Chapter relating to probate is 733.

Please call the Legacy Department Director, Sharron Cosby, if you have questions about a legacy file or what documentation The Salvation Army requires.  The number is (813)383-5700 and her e-mail address is


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