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Disaster Social Services

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          In times of natural and man-made disasters, The Salvation Army is a first responder, providing food, water and emotional support to victims and emergency workers such as police and firefighters.    


          When disasters occur there are a variety of services offered to victims of the disaster depending upon the size and scope of the event.  Consistent with the Mission of The Salvation Army, the purpose of Disaster Recovery programs is "to meet human needs in His name without discriimination," by working cooperatively with other agencies in community-based efforts to achieve longer-term disaster-related recovery goals.


          The Salvation Army's primary goal is to help all clients access all resources available to them.  This will include assistance from FEMA, SBA, the American Red Cross, other non-profit agencies, personal insurance, donated in-kind items, etc.


          To ensure we are providing the most comprehensive services available, this webpage serves as a tool for Salvation Army caseworkers to be able to access the available resources known for disaster victims.



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