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Women's Ministries Retreat

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Welcome to the Florida Women's Ministries Retreat Webpage!

We are excited to keep you informed about the retreat and all that takes place, even before the wonderful weekend! Come back often as we give details about the retreat, introduce our guests and start the journey to the retreat with you!


Our upcoming Florida Women's Ministries Retreat is April 19-21, 2013
at the Rosen Centre Hotel in beautiful Orlando!

Our Guests include:

Colonel Heidi Bailey
Territorial Secretary for Women's Ministries

Colonel Heidi Bailey has been a Salvation Army Officer for over 30 years, and since September of 2012, has been serving as Territorial Secretary for Women's Ministries at USA Southern Territorial Headquarters in Atlanta.  She is a third generation Salvationist, and daughter of faithful Salvation Army Soldier parents Jim & Toni Chandler, of the Westport Temple Corps, Kansas City, Missouri.

 In 1978, Heidi married Brad Bailey and in 1980, they entered The Salvation Army College for Officers' Training in Chicago.  Following their Commissioning in 1982, and 2 inner city corps appointments in the Central Territory, the Baileys began their overseas service in the South America West Territory in 1988, together with their 2 daughters Danielle (6) and Lindsey (4). 

  During their 13 years of service in South America, the Bailey's served as Corps Officers, Territorial Youth Secretaries and Divisional Commanders for the Central Division in Santiago, Chile.

 Upon returning to the USA Central Territory, the Bailey's served 4 years as Corps Officers of the vibrant Oakbrook Terrace Corps in Chicago, during which time 23 people entered full time service as Officers and Lieutenants in the ranks of The Salvation Army.  In addition, they served 3 years as Command Leaders of Spain, and then returned to South America West Territory as Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary of Women's Ministries.  Before moving to THQ in 2012, Heidi was an Under Secretary in the Americas and Caribbean Zone at IHQ, and since August of 2010, served as the International Haiti Earthquake Response Director.

Colonel's Brad and Heidi have been married for 35 years, and have two daughters living in Chicago.  Their first daughter, Danielle Rowland, together with her husband Jeremy and Micah, is a second grade school teacher in Elmhurst. Their second daughter, Lindsey, is a social worker and outreach worker for "Stop It", The Salvation Army's anti-human trafficking ministry in Chicago.

Heidi enjoys traveling, learning about new cultures, reading, walking, languages, music, and a good cup of coffee with friends.


Jennifer Keitt
Radio Host, Speaker & certified Life Coach

Through the power of media and personal interaction Jennifer Keitt invokes change and improvement in lives through her motivational speaking and teaching ministry.  Motivational Speaker, Author, Ordained Minister and Leader, Jennifer has the unique ability to challenge individuals on a spiritual level with real-life application in ways they have never experienced before. 


Knowing from an early age that media would be the vehicle through which her mark would be made, Jennifer earned her Broadcast Journalism degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and immediately found a love for feature reporting which inspired her and broadcast veteran husband, Tony, to launch their very own communications and media consulting company, TJ Communications, Inc.  Today, TJ Communications provides consultations to radio stations, programming as well as professional media coaching.  TJ Communications also produces print media - specifically Zakar Magazine – The Life Coaching Magazine for Real Women which features Bible-based articles by Jennifer Keitt and a host of other professional Christian women highlighting areas and issues affecting believers on a daily basis. 

Jennifer is founder and host of nationally syndicated Today’s Black Woman Radio Show which reaches over a million radio listeners countrywide including Sirius/XM Satellite radio.  For nearly two decades Today’s Black Woman Radio Show has dealt with an array of topics including motherhood, relationships, financial success, and self-esteem to name a few.  In December of 2011, Keitt launched a new talk show, The Jennifer Keitt Show, which airs on KISS 104FM Radio Station in Atlanta every Sunday from 7- 8 pm.

Adding to her God-given abilities to encourage and inspire both men and women with her words, Jennifer is a Certified Professional Coach, Human Behavior Consultant, as well as an Ordained and Licensed Minister and Chaplain. She is finishing a Master Of Arts Degree in Practical Theology with a concentration in Church & Ministry degree from Regent University and has completed coursework on Pastoral Care for Women from Western Seminary. She has also authored a book entitled “The Power of Being a Real Woman”. 

Utilizing these tools, Jennifer is realizing her vision of the JK Life Institute which will be a state of the art retreat-like facility that will house practical, relevant courses on the seven core areas of life that are at the foundation of all that she teaches. The JK Women’s Empowerment Institute will promise to complement such education with an institute of higher LIVING. 


Jennifer is driven and motivated to inspire people and she does so with such a Christ-like passion and energy that is unmatched by anyone you have ever heard.  Her true passion for maturing the people of God is evident in every thoughtful word she speaks.  She is real and relevant and stirs up the power and spiritual gifts that God has given us all to benefit His kingdom.  Jennifer finds joy in inspiring children of God to maximize their potential in Him.  She will challenge the mind, help you overcome your fear and push you to fulfill God’s purpose within you – in a style that is uniquely her own.  She often says what motivates her to do what she does is being excited about the day she will hear the words “Well done, thy good and faithful servant.”


Jennifer is a devoted wife of over 26 years to Tony Keitt and proud mother of four children, Morgan, Naomi, Caleb and Samantha. 



Lindsay McCaul
Recording Artist and Song Writer

Lindsay McCaul has always been keenly aware of words and their value. From her teen years pouring over the lyrics of her favorite Christian music to her college days majoring in linguistics at Moody Bible Institute to the vibrant, insightful songs she's penned for her Reunion Records debut, If It Leads Me Back, McCaul knows the power of words.

Rarely has an artist wielded that power with more thoughtful precision. Blessed with a caring heart and a deep intellect, McCaul has a gift for writing songs that strengthen and encourage by reminding us of God's grace and faithfulness. "I don't technically use my translation degree skills," says McCaul, who earned her degree in applied linguistics intending to translate the Bible, "but music is another way of translating the Bible into our lives. The stories and the truths in the Word can be applied in a different way into people's hearts."

Born in Abilene, Texas, McCaul moved to Florida when she was nine and lived so close to the Space Center that she remembers hearing the Shuttle rattle her windows when it launched. She has a twin sister and recalls her family listening primarily to oldies music, but that wasn't her passion. "I would lay awake at night when we were supposed to be asleep, and I would turn on my radio and listen to Christian music," she recalls. "I thought ‘this is amazing!' I remember one time my mom came in and they had just played Mark Schultz's ‘He's My Son.' It was the first time I'd ever heard it and I was sitting in my bed bawling. I was so moved and overwhelmed by this music. I can't tell you how much Christian music has impacted my life. I truly would not be the person I am or where I am without the way the Lord has impacted my life through Christian music."

McCaul was drawn to music as a form of self-expression and began writing songs at an early age. "I started writing when I was 11 or 12," she says. "I would write what I was thinking about or processing or about how the Lord was revealing himself to me. At a young age, the Lord let me do that. Writing songs was my way of figuring out ‘what does God say about this in His word?' and ‘what is He saying about this to me?' or ‘what is He doing in people's lives that I am close with?'"

Songwriting became the filter through which McCaul explored her relationship with God and expressed what He was revealing to her. She continued to write after she moved to Chicago to attend Moody Bible Institute. Initially, she had no intention of sharing her compositions with the world, so she was surprised when the girl who was vacating her post as worship leader suggested Lindsay take her place. "She said, ‘hey, have you ever thought about leading worship?' and I was like ‘no, no, I really don't play in front of people,'" McCaul recalls the panic she felt. "She said ‘I've already signed you up for two weeks from now, so start practicing!'"

So above Lindsay's protests, she began leading worship at Moody and as she flourished in the role, God began speaking her calling clearly to her and, while still in college, opened the doors for her to begin leading worship at Chicago's Harvest Bible Chapel, a 14,000-­‐member church. Her original songs became favorites with the congregation and began to attract notice outside the church. McCaul's music came to the attention of industry titans Mark Hall, frontman for Christian music's best-­‐selling band Casting Crowns, who invited her on tour this fall; and Jason Ingram, five-­‐time SESAC Christian Songwriter of the Year and winner of the Gospel Music Association's 2010 Producer of the Year, who helped McCaul craft If It Leads Me Back. The resulting collection showcases McCaul's warm, expressive vocals and compelling songs.

Unafraid to share her most personal struggles in song, McCaul penned the poignant ballad "Let Go" about dealing with an eating disorder, and seeing a friend in college wrestling with the same issue. "I really feel like Satan was trying to get a hold of me, keep me from fully giving my life to the Lord," she says. "It's a control thing. You want to control an area in your life. The Lord had to really break me of that and show me He's in control of my life."

McCaul admits the healing didn't happen overnight and her experience left her with a burden for young girls and what they face in today's society. "It took years for the Lord to get that deep and let the Word wash over me and scrub off the influence of the world," she says. "The Lord showed me that the root of all of that for me was that I was so desperate for people's approval. I can see that back in high school. I can see that back in college, even getting into the music industry. You can't please all the people all the time. You can't even please most of the people all the time and why would you even want to? The world says it matters who you look like, but what matters is what the Lord says about us and that is the only thing that lasts -­‐ who we are in Him and the identity that we have in Jesus."

Though McCaul isn't translating the Bible into other languages as she planned while earning her degree, she's come to realize that she is still a translator of sorts and songs are her vehicle for conveying God's truth. "I can't believe that I get to still translate in a different way," McCaul says with a smile. "In listening to these songs, I hope people take away a sense that God pursues us and longs for fellowship with us. He loves us and wants to be close to us and I think that's something that God has graciously showed me over my 26 years on earth. The Lord has pursued me, even when I'm unlovable and don't want to be pursued, He still does it. I think that's the biggest theme...I hope it's encouraging."





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