Meeting People at the Point of Need

The Salvation Army is known for going into places where others might not be comfortable. Whether it is in impoverished neighborhoods, prisons, hospital rooms or nursing homes, The Salvation Army is there to meet people at the point of need. It is this brave approach that takes The Salvation Army into the immediate scene of natural disasters. The Salvation Army is one of the first agencies to respond when disaster strikes. In Broward County, the Army maintains mobile emergency feeding units to provide meals for disaster victims and relief workers. In addition, the Army's services include counseling and emotional support, as well as furnishing clean-up kits, food, bottled water and various donated goods.





Our disaster response teams are often the first to appear on the scene of a tragedy and the last to leave, making certain that the needs of all have been met. The Salvation Army's Disaster Services program began 100 years ago in response to a hurricane that devastated Galveston, Texas and has grown into a nation-wide network involving thousands of volunteers and trained personnel. In following with our holistic ministry, we provide services that meet the immediate as well as long term physical, emotional and spiritual needs of disaster victims.  


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