"Having served the United Way of Broward County as chairman for several years in the 1960's, I learned first hand how effective and efficient the Salvation Army is in meeting the needs of both recipients and donors.  It is from that perspective plus many years of personally being a donor that my wife and I feel a great respect for The Salvation Army of Ft. Lauderdale and in general.

We believe The Salvation Army has earned the sincere trust of the community and donors in carrying out the many needed projects, programs, and services in an efficient and fair manner to both donor and recipient.  They are able to achieve this respect because of a wonderful and devoted staff!"  -- Mr. & Mrs. H.H.

"I have had the privilege of seeing many of the excellent programs and services provided to recipients in Ft. Lauderdale personally.  As well, I was able to refer my relative to the Adult Rehabilitation Program for recovery.  To me, the Salvation Army provides the best opportunities for those in special need through their many programs like, transitional housing and shelter for helping prevent homelessness and giving them a second chance.  The summer camp and character building programs instill great values in children and youth.  I especially appreciate the emergency disaster response the Salvation Army has to support our communities whenever a disaster of any kind happens.  I support them because they do all this and more with effective and efficient leadership, staff, and budgeting." -- J.B.

"The Salvation Army has been the only organization that I can truly say holds a special place in my heart when it comes to helping the hopeless, homeless, and needy.  They are consistently there for these very special people and follow through with equipping them with not just everyday necessities, but with life skills to help them transition back into society.  I know first-hand than any donation given to them is used to bless others." -- D.D.

"Your invitation to visit Plymouth Colony was received rather reluctantly because of how soon we had to leave for Maryland.  However, after seeing this wonderful facility  we were so glad we had come.  As we drove away, we were so pleased and happy for those living there who now had another chance at a whole new life.  Being Christians, we have always had a place in our hearts for The Salvation Army.  They do such great things helping those who depserately need a helping hand.  They are a wonderful testimony of the Lord's love for us.  may God grant us the ability and desire to always want to support this worthy organization." -- The W. family



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