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Missionary Work around the World / Misioneros alrededor de Mundo

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Photos from Carlos Cantu's Salvation Army Summer Service Corps

Missionary Trip To Peru
Carlos Cantu

Capital City: Lima
§ Location: South America
§ Religion: (90%)Roman Catholic
(10%) Protestant
§ Official Language: Spanish
§ People: (54%) Indian (32% )Mestizo
(12% )Spanish Descent (2% )other

To my Corps Family,
As you guys may already know I will be leading a team to the beautiful country of Peru starting June 4th thru July 27th. I am very excited about this opportunity God has provided for me.
As my corps family, I am asking you for two types of support. One, prayer support is heavily needed as I travel to this country. Prayer as you may know can move mountains! So let?s get those mountains movin?. Two, Financial support is a big one. One of the biggest issues as missionaries is the resources. Resources can give opportunities to the people of Peru. So by your contribution to me let?s get those mountains moving faster!
Each team member has to raise 500.00 hundred dollars. This money gives us the ability to bless the corps there as a local (Gainesville) corps family. This amount does not go towards me or any team member. For example, if the corps needs a new washer or dryer. Please keep in mind most corps? have a children?s home, elders lodging, officers? quarters, and worship area all in one. But this does not limit us on buying Bibles, Sunday school material, and storing up food banks for children and elders there.
There?s a song that states ? somethin? for nothin? means nothin?, you gotta have somethin? if you wanna be with me? Well your not going to get nothin? because you getin? somethin? from God but TEN times! (Scripture declares that?AMEN!) But from my part I promise to give you guys an update on the trip along with pictures and insight on what your contribution went towards. See you get a double Blessin?! What a deal huh!
If anyone of you can help with any dollar amount that will be greatly appreciated, otherwise your prayers are definitely encouraged.

Thank You for your attention to this matter.
In Christ,

Captain Tidman's Nephew and his wife (Shane and Staci Dasher) are missionaries to the Philippines. To see their work Click here


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