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Disaster Response / Responder al Desastre

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Gainesville, GA

Captains Chad & Jessica Williams
770.534.7589 (w)

Local Disaster: (Examples: Fire, Search & Rescue, Ice Storm etc.)
1. Canteen with food and drinks within 30 minutes.
2. Emergency Shelter with meals served three times a day.
3. Clothing, food and furniture needs for victims
4. Local volunteer/employee team on call
5. Service to emergency teams

Second Scale Disaster: (Examples: Tornado with homes lost, flooding, etc.) - all of above plus...
1. Three shelters locations with kitchens at 681 Dorsey Street. Total of over 100 sleeping spaces. 24 hour shelter set up with meals and beds.
2. Divisional Headquarters alerted.
3. Voucher purchases cleared for victims
4. Canteens called in from the Georgia division of The Salvation Army. Response time: 1 hour 30 minutes.
5. Warehouse for food and clothing set up to assist victims.
6. Georgia Salvation Army Officers will be available to provide services as long as necessary.

Third Scale Disaster: (Examples: Oklahoma City Tornado; North Carolina Hurricane Response, Katrina) all of above plus...
1. Warehouses and Distributions Sites set up to assist victims.
2. Disaster Command Center/Vehicle set up by Salvation Army Divisional Officers.
3. Up to 30+ Canteens or more can be on site within 2 days for as long as necessary
4. Southern Territory Salvation Army Officers are appointed to work up to two week shifts with overlap. Each has assigned duties. Key leadership Officers are under appointment to disaster site for up to 2 weeks with one overlap day. 75-100 officers and hundreds of volunteers made available to our community.


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