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Welfare and Social Services / Servicios Sociales

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In Gainesville we are a Founding Partner Agency of The United Way of Hall County
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Anachronistic? The Salvation Army is not so much an anachronism as it is part of another world, with its own language and its own ambitions and goals. In this world giving is more important than getting, notions like ?spiritual leadership? and ?ministry of service? are more than buzzwords, and salvation is the end product.

But in one sense the Army is in the vanguard of what is happening in our society. At a time when people have lost their faith in governments, nonprofit organizations like the Army will increasingly have to take up the burden of helping the less fortunate. As Peter Drucker says: ?The Salvation Army?s goal is to turn society?s rejects - alcoholics, criminals, derelicts - into citizens.? If achieving its goal at low cost is a measure of an organization?s effectiveness, the Army stands high.

Every year it serves 27 million people, and only about 150,000 make the decision, in the Army?s words, ?to come to Christ.? A low conversion ratio? How can you measure compassion and salvation? And how can you gauge the beneficial effect on those who benefited in body if not in soul?

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