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The General

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General Shaw Clifton was elected 18th General of The Salvation Army on 28 January 2006 by the High Council and took office on 2 April 2006.

The General directs Salvation Army operations throughout the world through the administrative departments of International Headquarters, which are headed by International Secretaries.

As well as developing international policy and giving overall direction, the General also ensures the internationalism of The Salvation Army. He travels widely in countries where The Salvation Army is active, and is an inspirational speaker.

Located in the heart of London, England, the Army's International Headquarters is a place where many cultures and societies converge. The General therefore daily meets with people of many different backgrounds from all around the globe. Among those he works closest with are the Chief of the Staff, the International Management Council and the General's Consultative Council.

The Chief of the Staff, a commissioner appointed by the General to be second-in-command, is the Army's chief executive whose function is to implement the General's policy decisions and effect liaison between departments.

 The International Management Council (IMC), established in 1991, sees to the efficiency and effectiveness of the Army's international administration in general. It considers in detail the formation of international policy and mission. It is composed of all IHQ commissioners and meets monthly with the General taking the chair.

The General's Consultative Council (GCC), established in July 2001, advises the General on matters relating to the Army's mission strategy and policy. The GCC is composed of all officers who qualify to attend a High Council, and operates through a Lotus Notes database. Selected members also meet four times a year at IHQ with the General taking the chair.


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