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Corps Cadets / Cadete del Cuerpo

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Bible Study and Youth Leadership Development The Salvation Army Way / Estudio Biblico y El Desarrollo de Liderazgo en el Ejercito de Salvacion

From the Corps Cadet handbook / Desde el Libro Directivo del Cadete del Cuerpo:

The first aspect of Corps Cadetship is that of training the Corps Cadet in all phases of Christian Service / El Primer aspecto del los Cadetes del Cuerpo es el entrenamiento en el Servicio Cristiano

The objectives of the program are / Los objetos del programa son:
(a) To help them relate to all of life in the light of Bible revelation / Ayudarles relacionar la vida con revelacion biblica.
(b) To help them become aware of Christ call to discipleship and to respond with dedication and growing involvement / Ayudarles crecer al llamado del discipulado con dedicacion y envolvamiento
(c) To help them to understand the true nature of discipleship / Ayudarles entender la verdadera naturaleza del un discipulo
(d) To train them in the weapons and methods of spiritual warfare / Entrenamiento de Armas asia la Guerra Espiritual
And the training is all to the end / Y el entrenamiento es hasta el ultimo:
(a) That they may know who they are, and what their human situation means/ Que ellos entiendan quienes ellos mismos son y entender la situacion humana que ellos estan
(b) That they may grow in the life of devotion in fellowship with other young Salvationists;
(c) That they may live in the power of the Holy Spirit in every relationship;
(d) That they may make the spiritual situation of those with whom he associates his concern, and grow in effectiveness in leading others to spiritual commitment.

The second aspect is developing and training Christian leadership fro service in and usefulness to the Salvation Army.


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