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Letters of Introduction

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Dear Friends,

      Thank you so much for your support of The Salvation Army. It's because of your faithful partnership that we're able to help so many neighbors in need - and for that, I am extremely grateful. Friends like you do more for the poor, lost and forgotten that you may even be aware of. In addition to the tangible items you help provide, you also let people know they're not alone...that someone cares. And that make all the difference. Today, I hope you'll take a moment to read through this Annual Report and think about what an important part you've played in bringing help and hope to needy people in out community. We couldn't do the most good for so many people in need without you. Thank you again for your comtinued support!

Captain John Dancer                                                                                              

Commanding Officer


Dear Friends,

      The opportunity to serve The Salvation army board as Vice Chair and CHair have been most rewarding and humbling. It has been such as honor to be assiciated with one of the finest, most honest serviced organizations in the world. It has been most enjoyable getting to know the other board members through the years, friendship that will live on. First with the Hudsons and now the Dancers, so much has been accomplished. Truly Doing the Most Good. I feel blessed to have had the honor.

John Davis                                                                                                   

Advisory Board Chairman




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