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Its Not Complicated

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May 2008

Deep matters of concentration and complication do not seem to be my strong suit. That may be the reason why the Lord has always guided me to simple issues that are easily distinguished, such as you find in missionary service. Issues of physical needs, clear visions of justice and the understanding that something is not the Will of God. So many problems and issues of human life in a third world country have simple solutions, yet the hardship is connecting the resources with the need. This chasm has great potential for frustration because the matter of connecting need with resources revolves around the human will. The founder's charge to his son, Bramwell "Do something", is easily understood but demanding in it's fulfillment. My will must be resolved, the will of the person in need must be willing to receive and the will of the individuals with resources must be in agreement. This is where the simple matters of life still demand prayer, because it is only the Holy Spirit who moves the human heart and opens the will for things to change. It's not complicated, but it still requires the work of a mighty God to make it happen for eternal benefit.

The streets are changing here in Tecpán. Where there was dust and trash, now we have mud and trash. The rainy season has begun and now we are looking for buckets and dry towels. We are so grateful that the quarters does not have any leaks, but we do have to make mores repairs on the roof of the corps. Even with the leaks in the corps we still live in a higher standard of living because we do not have to cover our building with plastic to keep out the rain. Thank the Lord.

Good news:
we are enrolling three Junior Soldiers this month, we have two Corps Cadets now, more Corps members are participating in our feeding program and outreach to the alcoholics of the street and the corps has raised around $125 for World Services/Self-Denial. Also the Lord truly blessed at the divisional Home League where the theme was "Completely Well".

As it is mentioned below in the prayer requests, please pray for the safety of the officer and program in Chimaltenango, because they have received a threat from an area gang. If the Corp/school does not pay extortion money, they have promised to cause problems. At other schools, not Army schools, gangs have threatened, and carried out, to kill one student and one teacher within a year if the money is not paid. If the Army pays this money, then there is the potential that this type of extortion will carry over to the other Army schools. This is a very serious matter.


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