Thank you so much for your prayers for Major Daisy Costas (corps officer) and the Chimaltenango Corps. The father that was shot outside the school did survive, but at this time he is paralyzed. The family and the doctors are trying to determine if they should remove a bullet that is close to his spine. He was transferred to the Capital, Guatemala City, and still is in the hospital. His son, a student at the Army school, returned to class last Wednesday.

Major Costas, although deeply concerned about the threat to the students and teachers, continues to move forward. Many of the parents have asked to build higher the wall in front of the school with cinderblocks. This was to be a project for the Summer Service Team during their time in Chimaltenango, July 14 - 20; but due to devaluation of the dollar and 30% increase in building material, the project budget has to be re-evaluated. Major Costas is trying to coordinate the parents to try and raise the difference, but this might take 2 to 3 years due to the economic status of the parents and the community.

Last Sunday 19 soldiers, from 3 Corps here in Guatemala, were enrolled at a divisional united meeting, and 15 junior soldiers, one of which was from Tecpán. The Territorial Commander gave a challenge for Guatemaltecos to answer the call to win their country for Jesus, and 25 adults and young adults stood up and said they would respond. This is a great blessing because at the present time there are only 2 Guatemalteco officers serving in Guatemala. The rest of the officers serving in Guatemala are foreigners from Cuba, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Venezuela, El Salvador and, of course, the United States. Thank you again for your prayers for disciples.

Something insightful for me is the need for expanding and sometimes explaining new concepts to folks that have been introduced to certain subjects. For example in the Cakchiquel language there are no words in the language for pencil, pen or teacher. In presenting the Gospel or the teaching of doctrines, such as sanctification, many folks have no point of reference. So there is the absolute demand for the Holy Spirit to guide and to lead into all truth. Pray for the Holy Spirit to enlighten, convict and encourage the folks that are under the Army´s ministry to learn and apply new things of God.

"Yac´a tek xtipe ri Lok´olaj Espíritu, can xquixrutijoj y xquixruc´uaj chupan ri kitzij." Juan 16:13

"However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth." John 16:13


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