April 2008

The past few weeks I have been reminded of the hard work that is involved in producing long term fruit. To have the fruit that is a beautiful representation of the tree demands cultivation and care, but most of all patience. The Church, including the Army, in all of Latin America seems to be hurting due to the shallowness of the soul. There is a longing for quick results and immediate answers and because of that desire we are not seeing the fruits on a large scale basis. Living in a rural community where farming is the predominate line of work, I notice that very few of the farmers celebrate when a crop begins to break through the earth, but it´s when the crops produces fruit that they begin to celebrate. If their goal was simply to have crops, they could plant wherever there was dirt, but instead their goal is fruit, and like I said, that demands cultivation and care. I pray that our work here will not be for the short term but it will produce fruits that will bless the Lord for generations.


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