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Cold, Clouds, and Clowns

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The Summer Service Corps has finished their trip here in Guatemala and everyone was sad to see them go. They presented a good testimony for the Lord and a good example of Southern Territory Youth. In every location where they worked and ministered the folks spoke of their willingness to do whatever job that came their way, the joyful attitude that was always displayed and their willingness to get to know people. Both Jean and I were very proud of the young people and we know that the Lord will water the seeds that they planted. I also know that the Team members will be richer in their spirits and larger in their vision of other cultures. Thank the Lord for the parents, corps officers, headquarters staff and especially for THQ Youth Department for their support for this mission trip.

I am sure that the Team's Blog can give an expanded account of all that they accomplished during their time in Guatemala, but we are particularly grateful for their time here in Tecpán. During our VBS/Open Air in an area close to the corps called "La Gilralda", we had over 250 in attendance for 4 very cold and wet days. At our "Family Circus" evangelistic campaign at the corps we had over 550 for the three nights. Sunday morning and evening we had a number of folks come forward to pray with team members asking for greater confidence and strength from the Lord. Praise the Lord also for the one-on-one contact the Team members had with our corps folks and the neighborhood people.

Although we have not moved forward with any major project for the usage of our facilities, we are continuing to look to the Lord for open doors. Meanwhile we continue to see small steps of faith by the folks of the Corps. Such as Enrique Moro, a soldier of the corps, who is beginning to take leadership responsibilities in the Corps and also helping with Divisional Youth Events. Also Helen and Heidy Ajin, two teenage sisters who are moving toward becoming Corps Cadets and Timbrelists. Small steps, but covering great distances.

Thank you again for your commitment in prayer toward the ministry here in Tecpán.


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