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An Army Building

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For the past two weeks we have had the privilege of having Major Stan & Becky Melton visiting Guatemala. Major Melton came to Guatemala in 1976 after the earthquake to work with emergency relief and eventually stayed for 11 years. During his time here in Guatemala he was instrumental in helping the Army get a foothold in the country and establishing our Corps and social service programs. I know that Major Melton's affection for Guatemala is based on the relationships that were established and lives that were touched when he was first here in Tecpán. The Army will be remembered in the Tecpán community for the 500 houses that were built, but I believe that the Army will be recognized by Jesus for the lives we have built. Such as was witnessed by the Major's visit to Tecpán. As we walked down the street, a lady in her 60's asked Jean, "Is that Captain Melton?" and when Jean confirmed that it was, she had to come over and say thank you to Major Melton. Then another night around 8:30 an indigenous family came to the door of our quarters and asked if it was true that the Meltons were in Tecpán. Again we confirmed their presence, then they had to see them and say thank you. There are a number of other examples of this type of reaction to the Meltons' visit; but the point that was reinforced is that our efforts and passion are not in the brick and mortar of the world in which we live but in the hearts and souls of this world. This time has reminded me of what "An Army Building" really is.

Thank you for your prayers for Major Deisy Costas, of the Chimaltenango Corp. There have been no further incidents of violence at her school or Corps. She believes that she was called by the same individual who had threatened her students and teachers a week or so after the shooting in front of the school, but as soon as she heard the voice she hung up the phone. Please continue to pray for Major Costas, the Chimaltenango Corps and the father of the student that was shot. The father is still recuperating and there is still no word concerning his ability to walk. His son still attends the Army school in Chimaltenango.

Pray for the Summer Service Corps as they minister here in Guatemala. The divisional commander was somewhat surprised at their ability to work so hard and with such a good attitude.

Thank you to Ed Church, chaplain at the Atlanta Airport, for his gift of an electric piano for the Tecpán Corps.


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