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Southern Missionaries (Officers)

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Birthdays & Anniversaries



  • 1 – Captain Serge LaLanne, Haiti
  • 24 – Capt. Luis Melendez, Jamaica
  • 6 – Lt. Colonel Eddie Hobgood, England
  • 15 – Lt. Colonels Hobgood, England (anniversary)
  • 19 – Lt. Colonels Haupt, E. Europe (anniversary)
  • 23 – Major Bobby Westmoreland, Ukraine


    1 – Captain Nancy Fabal, Kenya
    3 – Lt. Col. Suzanne Haupt, E. Europe
    9 – Major & Captain Thornhill, Jamaica (anniversary)



  • 8 – Lt. Cols. Mockabee, Sri Lanka (anniversary)
  • 8 –Major Victor Tidman, Russia
    10 – Majors Caldwell (anniversary), Georgia
  • 12 – Lt. Colonel Kathy Hobgood, England
  • 28 – Majors Zimmerer, Scotland (anniversary)



  • 17 – Captain Evelyn Thornhill, Jamaica
  • 19 – Captains Melendez, Jamaica (anniversary)
  • 28 – Captains Viera, S. America East (anniversary)
  • 28 – Captain Anne Westmoreland, Ukraine
  • 30 – Christina Zimmerer (‘99), Scotland



  • 1 – Colonels Johnson, Eastern Europe (anniversary)
  • 10 – Colonel Ken Johnson, Eastern Europe
  • 14 – Major Ellen Tidman, Russia
  • 18 – Captain Celimene LaLanne, Haiti
  • 21 – Captain Luis Viera, S. America East
  • 25—Majors Tidman, Russia (anniversary)
  • 26 – Major Fred Thornhill, Jamaica
  • 27 – Captain Laura Melendez, Jamaica
  • 31—Major Brad Caldwell, Georgia



  • 22 – Lt. Colonel Debra Mockabee, Sri Lanka
  • 27 – Captain Lucy Viera, S. America East



  • 12 – Captains LaLanne, Haiti (anniversary)
  • 18 – Major Dieter Zimmerer, Scotland
  • 21 – Captain Barbara Zimmerer, Scotland



  • 1 – Lt. Colonel William Mockabee , Sri Lanka
  • 23 – Colonel Paula Johnson, Eastern Europe
  • 27 – Lt. Col. Gary Haupt, Eastern Europe



  • 1 – Major Anita Caldwell, Georgia
  • 25 – Captain Maureen Diffley – Georgia
  • 28 – Major & Captain Westmoreland, Ukraine (anniversary)


Republic of Georgia

Appointments: Regional Commander and Regional Director of Women's Ministries

Term began: July 2001

Majors Bradley and Anita Caldwell

Salvation Army activities, overseen by Norway, were officially recommenced in Russia in July 1991. The work was extended to Georgia in March of l993 with the opening of a corps in Tblisi. Georgia as a Region is part of the Eastern Europe Territory with headquarters in Moscow. (Yr. Book 2007)

This appointment will give the Caldwells a new ministry role as up till now, they have been mostly involved in teaching and training. They have 3 grown sons in the US and are grandparents.

Birthdays: Brad - August 31
Anita - December 1

Anniversary - June 10

16 Ikalto Str. 0171
Tbilisi. Georgia



Caldwell's Newsletters


 Appointment: Divisional Secretary, Projects Officer

Term began: September 2004


Captain Maureen Diffley

The progress of the work in the Eastern Europe Territory happens against a background of much positive change but also growing social problems. They are focusing on 3 areas: Aids ( set to take on pandemic), Homeless children and youth (hundreds of thousands live on the streets), trafficking of women (thousands of women disappear every year). (Yr. Book 2006) Work began in Ukraine in 1993

Maureen became a soldier in Richmond, Va. and was trained as an officer in Moscow.

Birthday: December 25

The Salvation Army
Ul. Shota Rustaveli, d. 38, k. 3
Kiev, Ukraine 01033


Read Updates from Ukraine



Appointment: Secretary to the Chief Secretary

Term began: January 20, 1996


Captain Nancy Fabal

In 1896, 3 salvationists went to Kenya to work on the building of a new railway and gave their witness. First official meetings were held in April 1921 led by Lt. Col. And Mrs. James Allister Smith.

On 1 Nov. 2005 the East Africa Territory (which included the Uganda Region) was redesignated the Kenya Territory and Uganda was elevated to command status. (Yr. Book 2007)

Nancy was a Sgt. Envoy stationed in the Florida Division before going to Kenya. She is a very capable officer and enjoys her work at THQ while participating in all the activities in a corps.

Birthday: May 1

Captain Nancy Fabal
Kenya East Territorial Headquarters
P.O. Box 24927
Karen 00502
Nairobi, Kenya


Captain Fabal's Interview




Area Coordinators for Russia North as well as
Corps Officers at the St. Petersburg Corps

Term Began: July 2007

Majors Victor and Ellen Tidman

Russia is part of the Eastern Europe Territory. Work was initiated in 1910 and several attempts were made over the years to keep it going. Since 1991 there has been a firmer Army but not without many struggles. (Year Book 2007)

They left behind their grown family and go forth to do what can be done with the help of God to face the challenges that are encountered around world today - AIDS, sexual trafficking and orphans.

Birthday -Vic -June 8 Ellen --August 14

Anniversary -August 25

Home Address:

Majs Vic and Ellen Tidman
197198, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Sablinskaya St., 13/15 - 39


New Updates from the Tidmans

 Turks & Caicos Islands

Appointment:  Development Officers

Term Began: July 08


Captains Matthew and Rebecca

These islands form part of the Bahamas Division and the work is only beginning

The Traylers have served as Corps Officers in Irving, Texas.  They will have with them, their 3 children -Hannah (7 ), Aubrey (4 ) and Mason (2).

Birthdays:  Matthew  - March 31    Rebecca  - June 17 Hannah - Oct. 15, Aubrey - Sept. 26 & Mason - Sept. 4

  Oct. 23

Address:  The Salvation Army
#21-1075 P.O. Box 526370
Miami, FL 33152-6370

E-mail:  Matthew Trayler/BAH/CAR/SArmy@CAR

  Rebecca Trayler/BAH/CAR/SArmy@CAR 



Eastern Europe Territory

Appointments: Regional Commanders

Term began: March 2010

Colonels Kenneth & Paula Johnson

Salvation Army activities were officially recommenced in July 1991, overseen by the Norway, Iceland and the Faeroes Territory. It became a command in Nov. 1992 and on June 1, 2001 was redesignated the Eastern Europe Command. It was elevated to territory status in March 2005.

The Johnsons have served in various appointments of leadership throughout the Southern Territory, most recently as Secretary for Business Administration and Assistant Chief Secretary for Mission Alignment

Birthdays: Kenneth - Aug. 10
Paula - Nov. 23

Anniversary - August 1

Address: Krestiansky Tupik 16/1
Russian Federation
109044 Moscow




South Ametica East


Territorial Youth Secretary and
Public Relations Secretary
Territorial Candidates Secretary and Education Secretary

Term began: November 2010

Captains Luis & Lucy Viera

The Territory is comprised of 3 countries, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay with the THQ situated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Four English officers who knew no Spanish established the work in 1890 and it quickly spread.

Captains Viera were commissioned in 1999 and have 3 grown children. Son Robert as an officer and is stationed with his wife Glenis in Kuwait. Luis & Lucy served in the Carolina and Florida Divisions prior to leaving for this assignment.

Birthdays: Luis – Aug. 21, Lucy – Sept. 27

Anniversary - July 28

Address: Casilla de Correos 2240
(CI000WAW) Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA




Sri Lanka


Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries

Term began: October 2010

Lt. Colonels William & Deborah Mockabee

The Salvation Army began in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in January of 1883.  There are now 44 corps and over 100 active officers and almost 5,000 soldiers.  SA Year Bk. 2010

The Mockabees have given many years of service in the Southern Territory and most recently were the Divisional Leaders of the Georgia Division

Birthdays: William - Nov. 1,   Deborah – Sept. 22

Anniversary - June 8

Address: 30/1 Union Place Colombo – 2 SRI  LANKA






Divisional Commander as of Feb. 2011
(before that – Pro-tem Regional Commanders Georgia)

Term began: November 2010

Captains Bobby & Anne Westmoreland

One of the 5 countries that comprise the Eastern Europe Territory; others being, Georgia, Moldova, Romania and the Russian Federation. Work was extended to Ukraine in 1993.

Both have previously served overseas and most recently were the corps officers of the Lawrenceville, Ga. Corps

Birthdays: Bobby – Apr. 23, Anne – July 28

Anniversary - December 28

Address: The Salvation Army
ul. Shota Rustaveli, d. 38 k. 3
Kiev, Ukraine 01023





Training College Field Training Officer and
Training College Home Officer/Assistant Finance Officer

Term began: October 2010

Captains Luis & Laura Melendez

In 1887, The Salvation Army ‘opened fire’ in Kingston and thus spread throughout the island of Jamaica which today along with 14 other countries is part of the Caribbean Territory.

The Melendez met the Army in 1999 and became soldiers in Bradenton, Fla. Commissioned as Officers in 2005; they have served in Texas. They have 4 children and 4 grandchildren.

Birthdays: Luis – March 24 Laura – August 27

Anniversary - July 19

Address: GPO Box 437, 174 Orange Street
Kingston, Jamaica




Appointments:Sec. for Business Administration (him)

Projects Officer (her)

Term Began: July 2011


Lt. Colonels Gary & Suzanne Haupt

Work was begun in Russia in 1910, withdrew 18 months later and then recommenced in 1913 and had to leave again in 1918. In 1992 a new beginning was successfully made and now with over 55 corps a strong Army has developed.

Last appointment before going out of this Territory was at the National Headquarters for the USA.

Birthdays: Gary – Nov. 27th Suzanne – May 3

Anniversary: April 19th

Address: Krestiansky Tupik 16/1
Russian Federation
109044 MOSCOW



Appointment: Divisional Projects Officer (him)

Div. Youth Secretary (both)

Term Began: August 2011


Captains Serge & Celimene LaLanne

The Haitian Government reported that an estimated 230,000 people had died in the earthquake Jan. 12, 2010. 300,000 had been injured and a million made homeless. The Army continues to play a vital role in the healing and rebuilding process.

The LaLannes were commissioned in 2001 as part of the Ambassadors of Grace session.
Prior to leaving for this assignment, they were the Corps Officers at the Miami (Edison), Fl. Corps for 7 years.

Birthdays: Serge -- March 1 Celimene – August 18

Anniversary: October 12

Address: Armee du Salut
Quartier General Divisionnaire
1342 Santo 6
Croix des Bouquets, Haiti



Appointment: Officers in charge of Hamilton Corps

Term Began: July 2011


Majors Dieter & Barbara Zimmerer

Scotland is part of the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland. The UK is the birthplace of the Army and deep in traditions. Until 1990 this was all part of the International Headquarters but since has operated separately.

Previously they have served in Europe both in Germany and Spain. They left the Southern Territory this time from Greenwood, SC where they had been the officers since 2007.

Birthdays: Dieter – Oct. 18 Barbara – Oct. 21
Daughter Christina – July 30, 1999

Anniversary: June 28th

Address: 29 Scotia Gardens – Hamilton
South Lanarkshire, SCOTLAND ML3 8. UK




Appointments: Administrators William Chamberlain Center

Term Began: July 1, 2012

Major Fred & Captain Evelyn Thornhill

“In 1991, the men’s hostel in Kingston was converted to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. The William Chamberlain Center (acc 25) provided a means for men to turn their lives around through work therapy and counseling.” From “Determined to Conquer”, History of the Salvation Army Caribbean Territory - Allen Satterlee

Capt. Thornhill served previously in E. Europe. Before leaving for this assignment, the Thornhills had been in charge of Lynchburg, Va. They have children who are Officers in the US Southern Territory.

Birthday: Fred - August 26 Evelyn - July 17

Anniversary: May 9th

Address: 57 Peter’s Lane,
Kingston, JAMAICA, West Indie




Appointments: Coordinate the planning and preparation for this Congress

Term Began: July 2012

Lt. Colonels Eddie & Kathy Hobgood

The General has decided that an International Congress will be held in July 2015 to mark the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Army and God’s faithfulness and blessing on our mission. THQ bulletin 22/2/12

The Hobgoods are well known and loved throughout the Territory. Before going to IHQ, they had appointments at the THQ in Atlanta as Secretaries for Program.

Birthday: Eddie - April 6 Kathy – June 12

Anniversary: April 15th

Address: 101 Queen Victoria Street,
London EC4V 4EH




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