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Shelters Doctors and Community Preparing for Heat

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Released 27 June 2012


Chances are if your home air conditioning unit isn't on high, it will be soon. With the dangerously hot weather heading our way there are places to help keep you cool, if you don't have AC.

There's only one way William and Brenda Littlecloud can afford to stay cool and that's through fans. "You spread them all out the best you can, but more fans just aren't going to make the air any more cooler," said Brenda Littlecloud.

They have a total of five fans running non-stop and say they're bracing themselves for the heat wave heading toward the Tri-Cities, "Hard to breath, very stifling, get very sticky, very uncomfortable, you're just miserable."

News 5 stopped by Good Samaritan Ministries and learned they're giving out fans to those with no air conditioning and those fans are going fast.

Close by, The Salvation Army is worried about the high temps as well. They've already got a drink station out in their parking lot and once it hits 90 degrees, they open the White Flag Room with air conditioning. "As long as they've got  some type of I.D. They can show up and we try to give them a place to stay both over night and also an extra place to stay during the day to make sure that they're out of the extreme weather," said Captain Nick Garrison.

That blistering sun can make you seriously sick, meaning dehydration and heat exhaustion. "You're going to feel thirsty, because you're dehydrated, you're not going to the bathroom like you usually do, and your skin will start feeling warmer, you're not perspiring like you should," said Family Practice Doctor Bob Connell.

But those symptoms can quickly lead to heat stroke, which can be deadly. Doctor Connell says it's all about prevention and it's best to drink a lot of water.

News 5 checked with The Salvation Army in Bristol, they say depending on temperature they will have their kitchen open during the day for folks to cool off. The Salvation Army in Kingsport says they'll have ice water and a place to cool off in their lobby.

Here is a list of Day Centers in the Tri-Cities:

The River at 125 West Main St. Johnson City, TN

Downtown Day Center at 202 W. Fairview Johnson City, TN

Hope Haven Day Center at 670 Dale St. Kingsport, TN

Adult Day Services at 603 Bert St. Johnson City, TN

Friendship House at 301 W. Watauga St. Johnson City, TN

Pets and Paws at Good Samaritan at 100 North Roan St. Johnson City, TN

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