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Salvation Army Launches Food Pantry Fund Drive

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Released 1 April 2013

foodKnoxville, Tenn. - One of the real enemies of the gospel has always been extreme poverty and need. That’s what a former Methodist minister named William Booth, and his wife Catherine, decided when they began to deliver sermons to people living in the slums of London in 1865.


People with immediate physical needs cannot be expected to have much energy to spend pondering eternal issues. So, these founders of The Salvation Army began soup kitchens in the slum areas, and brought in worshipers with the slogan, “Soup, Soap and Salvation.”


Today, that practical philosophy is still a core value of The Salvation Army in doing the most good wherever they wage war on poverty and need through the generous support of others.

But we need your help! We need to raise $15,000 this month in order to keep our food pantry stocked.  Please take a moment to consider how you can help. We’re committed to doing the most good with your gift for hungry people who are depending on us.

To make a donation,
CLICK HERE or call 1-800-SAL-ARMY.  For more information, call 525-9401. 


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