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Emergency Assistance

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Illness, the loss of a job or a major catastrophe can send a family into crisis. In a time of critical need, The Salvation Army offers hope and help. Our staff helps clients through emergency situations by providing assistance with food, utilities and vouchers for furniture or clothing. Often just a little help can prevent homelessness.

Last year The Salvation Army of Knoxville helped 15,549 people by providing extra food, 743 people with their utility bills and over 11,000 people with vouchers for clothing and furniture.

The emergency assistance office sees clients by appointment only. For more information, call (865) 525-9401.


Added: Wednesday, 10 June 2009, 23:06

I would like to say thank you! To all volunteers, and those that donate! I have a family member who is recieving assistance during a very hard time in her life. It means everything to her and to me! In the future I will be donating often, and I am sure she will volunteer her time when she gets her life back... Thank you to all of you....What is being done there is wonderful!

Jan, Carson Ctiy, NV

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