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Spring Storms 2011
(updated 05/28/11)

Devastation in Haiti
(updated 06/01/2011)

An International Response
(updated 05/18/11)

The Army at Work in Memphis
(updated 05/10/11)

Severe Weather - 2010
(updated 10/05/2010)

Katrina: 5 Years Later
(updated 08/31/2010)

Nashville Area Flood Relief - 2010
(updated 08/20/2010)

Hurricane Season 2010: Bulletins & Alerts
(updated 08/11/2010)

Flooding in Kentucky - Summer 2010
(updated 07/29/2010)

Earthuake in Chile
(updated 07/29/2010)

Hurricane Preparedness - Spring 2010
(updated 06/01/2010)

Tragedy at Dotiki Mine
(updated 04/29/2010)

DC Metro Commuter Train Crash
(updated 06/28/09)

Flood Relief Updates
(updated 05/11/09)

Spring Tornadoes: 2009
(updated 05/04/09)

Ice Storms
(updated 02/09/09)

Hurricane Ike
(updated 10/09/08)

Hurricane Gustav
(updated 09/11/08)

Tropical Storm Hanna
(updated 08/30/08)

Bayer Plant Explosion
(updated 08/30/08)

Tropical Storm Fay
(updated 08/28/08)

Hurricane Dolly
(updated 07/25/08)

Tornados In Kansas
(updated 07/24/08)

Flooding in the Mid-West
(updated 07/23/08)


The Salvation Army encourages all residents of areas in a hurricane's path to prepare an Emergency supply kit, an evacuation plan and stay informed to all warnings and evacuation orders. Disaster response professionals recommend having a three to five day supply of food and water for each individual of your family as well as flashlights, medication, and battery powered radio.

Want to find more information on Hurricane Preparedness, visit our "Are You Prepared" page HERE.



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