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The Army at Work: Togo

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The Salvation Army Flag
Flies in Tongo

August 4, 2011

Togo: The first Salvation Army officers appointed to the west African country of Togo have arrived, bringing with them their three children and the new Togolese Salvation Army flag. Captains Hervé Michel and Naty Dorcas Ahouyanganga, originally from the Congo (Brazzaville) Territory, travelled by road to their new appointment from Accra in Ghana, where they had been preparing for their pioneering ministry. The work in Togo - officially known as the Togolese Republic - is overseen by the Ghana Territory.

The Salvation Army began work in Togo in April, initially under the oversight of Major Rockson Oduro, Divisional Commander of Ghana's Volta Division. While in Accra, Captains Ahouanganga had opportunity to spend time with Major Oduro as well as staff from Ghana Territorial Headquarters.

A quarters in the town of Atakpamé has been renovated and prepared for the incoming officers. Their main task will be to coordinate and assimilate several current expressions of Salvation Army worship. These comprise some existing independent congregations with no previous denominational affiliation, and some which have been established by Salvationists who became soldiers while living in Ghana before returning to their home in Togo. There are also outposts established through initiatives from the neighboring Volta Division in Ghana. Other opportunities to expand the Army's mission are emerging in Lomé, the capital city of Togo.

Currently these various expressions are widely spread across the country - north, south, east and west, with Atakpamé in the center. One of the initial challenges facing the captains is to bring cohesion and unity within these diverse groups.


The Salvation Army Now Serving
in 124 Countries

March 17, 2011

London, England: Following consultation with the International Management Council (IMC), General Shaw Clifton has approved the official commencement of Salvation Army work in Togo, effective 1 April 2011. Togo – officially the Togolese Republic – is a country in West Africa, bordered by Ghana to the west, Benin to the east and Burkina Faso to the north. The fledgling work in Togo has been developing under supervision of the Ghana Territory and will continue to do so.

With this new opening The Salvation Army is now at work officially in 124 countries.

Many messages reached International Headquarters between 1999 and 2005, both from residents of the country and Togolese people living in the USA and Canada, asking that Army work be commenced in Togo. In March 2007 the Ghana Territory dispatched a fact-finding team to Togo, which was greeted with great enthusiasm by established churches and community leaders alike. It was discovered that Salvation Army meetings were already being held and converts were being made. Seven societies have been opened during the past year, 230 seekers have been registered and 14 indigenous soldiers have been enrolled. Work among children and young people is also developing well.

Captains Hervé Michel and Naty Dorcas Ahouyanganga, of the Congo (Brazzaville) Territory, have been appointed to give leadership to this new work as of 1 April 2011.



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