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Tropical Storm Hanna

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August 28, 2008

Louisville, KY: The Salvation Army stands ready to respond on two fronts. Even as preparations are made for The Salvation Army's Emergency Disaster Services response to Gustav, Tropical Storm Hanna is taking aim on the eastern seaboard. The Salvation Army in those states and their support 'troops' from neighboring states have already been instructed to ready themselves.

The Salvation Army has over 100 mobile kitchens (canteens), mass feeding centers, mobile shower units, and massive refrigeration units it calls on in times of disaster. We hope and pray the disaster response aspect of our ministry is not needed, but we stand ready for action when needed.


Christopher L. McGown
Divisional Development Director
The Salvation Army
Kentucky/Tennessee Division
Direct) 502-357-8538
Mobile) 502-777-6640
Fax) 502-357-0001




The Salvation Army encourages all residents of areas in a hurricane's path to prepare an Emergency supply kit, an evacuation plan and stay informed to all warnings and evacuation orders. Disaster response professionals recommend having a three to five day supply of food and water for each individual of your family as well as flashlights, medication, and battery powered radio.

We have partnered with The National Hurricane Survival Initiative to provide detailed resources for ways you can prepare for Gustav. Are you ready? Read the checklists and find out.

Hurricane Relief Donations

  • Online
  • By Phone: 1-800-SAL-ARMY
  • Corporate: Judith Rowland;


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