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Helping our Neighbors


Thanks to the generosity of Lebanon businesses and citizens, the Wilson County Salvation Army Disaster Service Team has been serving Tornado victims in Murfreesboro.

A mom and two children huddled in a two story colonial home as it was lifted eight feet and moved fifteen feet from it's foundation. The family felt their heads hit the ceiling but the home was in tact, and none were injured.

A man took cover under his stairway with two grown sons. As he looked up, there was only sky. Then he felt one of his sons being lifted from his hands- he couldn't hold on. Even his wallet was lifted from his pocket. The son was dropped and had to have 15 stitches in his hip. The stairway landed on the father, and the sons helped him out.

An elderly couple are in critical condition as a two by four went through the man's chest like a spear.

These are a few of the stories that the Wilson County Salvation Army Team has heard as they were called into Murfreesboro to assist with this disaster.

Miracles are still being seen. On Monday, three days after this tornado, a small poodle was sniffed out by another dog. The reunion with it's family was filled with tears and joy!

Looking out on all the devastation, a tub is seen. All around it is rubble. Later you hear that a family was sitting in that tub- and they were all spared.

The Salvation Army Disaster team wants to thank Kroger's, Dunkin Donuts and Pizza Hut for sending food into the disaster site. We also want to thank every donor who allows The Salvation Army to be ready in these times of disaster !! Thank you Lebanon! Thank you Wilson County!

A place where "neighbors still help neighbors"!!

Please call The Salvation Army at : 449-3495 for updates on our Disaster Service Outreach into Murfreesboro.


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