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 Sunbeams Logo   Sunbeams are a character building social group much like the Girl Scouts of America. The Sunbeams learn the importance of the Bible and that God created them to shine and to spread the Word! Sunbeams are taught how to cook, garden, sew, camp, first aid, and many other important things! They are rewarded with emblems to place on their sash. >>Learn More
 Adventure Corps   Explorers are a character building social group much like the Boy Scouts of America. The Explorers learn how to put on their "Armor Of God," to go out into the community and tell others about the love God has for them. Explorers are taught first aid, fishing, water crafts, sports, hiking, camping, space, science, history, and Bible among other things. They are rewarded with emblems to put on their sash. >>Learn More
ReGeneration   A.M.P.S. A co-ed social group of teens focused on worshiping God, growing together, learning about our lives and Spiritual gifts, and being loyal to service for our community. They will camp, hike, learn how to grow into future leaders and provide for their families. They will learn about the Bible and the meaning of their lives: their spiritual gifts and callings. We go out into the community, nursing homes, and parks. We are currently working on projects for Haiti. >>Learn More
Corps Cadet Button   The Corps Cadet program is one of the most vital programs in The Salvation Army because its goal is the preparation of spiritually mature, committed, servant-leaders. Members are learning to become the leaders of tomorrow. Such a role demands spiritual growth, increased Bible knowledge and leadership development. >>Learn More
 Junior Soldier Button   Junior Soldier The overall goal of Junior Soldiers is to make sure our Salvation Army children have personally received Jesus Christ as their Savior and that they begin to be discipled in biblical truths, life applications, and Salvation Army principles and practices. We desire for them to mature as continually developing followers of Christ and active soldiers of The Salvation Army. >>Learn More
Day Camp   Day Camp Held in July, Day Camp is a once a week program for children 5 to 11. In Leesburg it's held on Wednesdays from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. In Bushnell it's held on Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. >>Learn More
VBS Button   Vacation Bible School  Held August 8th thru 12th this year, the program is open to any child ages 5 to 12 in the Leesburg area. Transportation can be provided. Contact Sarah Hite at (352) 365-0079, ext 31 for more information. >>Learn More
Camp Keystone  

Keystone Camp and Conference Center is part of the Salvation Army's worldwide Christian evangelical ministry. During the summer it's used primarily for children's camp. Our goal is to share God's love with others by providing quality service, facilities, and amenities in a peaceful setting, therefore giving the opportunity to explore, discover, and appreciate the blessings of God's creation. >>Learn More






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