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Lake County Caseworker The Emergency Assistance program of The Salvation Army offers emergency crisis help with the most crucial needs. Individuals and families can receive assistance with food, clothing, medical prescriptions and financial assistance utilities. Through this program people are helped to stabilize their situation. 
Lake County Caseworker  








Emergency Assistance includes help with clothing, food, prescriptions and utilities. We will assist each family or individual or if necessary, will refer them to other agencies to help them meet all of their needs.   Office Manager/Caseworker

Lake County
Office Manager/Caseworker

Sumter County Caseworker   Respect and dignity are two words in action throughout the case management process. Case workers are professional and qualified to serve the thousands of individuals and families that come through our doors each year. Their ultimate goal is to build trust and establish confidence with the client by listening and working together to meet their individual needs.
Sumter County Caseworker  

Hunger does not discriminate - it impacts children, the elderly, men and women. Hunger also knows no season and takes aim at its victims in the dead of winter or on a sweltering August afternoon. We have food pantries located in both Leesburg, Lake County and in Bushnell, Sumter County.

 Sumter County Caseworker
   Sumter County Caseworker










People who come to The Salvation Army are in need. They are often at their wits end and when we see them, they are many times in tears and heartbroken. The only thing that really separates us from them is God's Grace. They come from all walks of life. Some born into poverty, some born into privilege: all made equal by their need. While we can't possibly help everyone, we help those we can: one at a time without bias or discrimination, in God's name.

How Can I Get Help?(Click Here)



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