Meeting Others in Times of Greatest Need


How Does The Salvation Army Help?


In Lubbock

The Salvation Army has been active in Lubbock since 1922 and has operated a shelter for homeless in Lubbock since 1960.

Today, The Salvation Army of Lubbock continues to offer many services to the community.

Christian Church Services
Join us on Sundays at 11:00 AM at 1111 16th Street for Christian worship services. Other church programs include: Women's Ministries; Community Care Ministries; Youth activities including Sunbeams, Girl Guards, Junior Soldiers, Corps Cadets and Adventure Corps; Men's Fellowship Club.

Community Kitchen
The Salvation Army provides breakfast and dinner, 365 days per year, to non-sheltered and low income individuals in the Lubbock Community averaging 6,000 meals a month. Each meal costs The Salvation Army about $1.20 per plate.

Disaster Alert Response Team (DART)
A team of Salvation Army staff and volunteers aids victims of disasters in the Lubbock area by providing food, fluids and counseling.

Family Services
Clients receive aid including: clothing and food vouchers; financial assistance for utility bills, rent/mortgage payments, and prescriptions.

Family Thrift Store
All purchases made at The Salvation Army Family Thrift Store help fund programs that benefit individuals in need in the Lubbock community. In addition, individuals in need are provided clothing and furniture free of cost.

Red Shield Home Transitional Living Program
The Red Shield Home Transitional Living Program is a two-step approach to eradicating cyclical homelessness that includes Emergency Sheltering and Transitional Housing programs. In total, The Salvation Army offers 84 shelter beds.

          Emergency Shelter
          A free, safe and healthy shelter environment is available to homeless men, women and families. The average shelter capacity is
          48 beds per night representing a majority of all shelter beds in the Lubbock community.

                 Transitional Housing
                 The Transitional Housing Program is a one month to two year program that provides housing and support services to individuals desiring to rise above poverty and to eliminate the constant threat of homelessness.

Seasonal Activities
Back-to-school assistance; holiday meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas; Christmas assistance including Angel Tree and Red Kettle Programs; and summer camp programs.

Survive the Night
Salvation Army volunteers and staff take to the streets to provide hot food, drinks, socks, gloves, and blankets to homeless individuals who choose not to stay at a shelter.



Around the World

Since it's earliest beginnings, The Salvation Army has been about helping those in need. In those days, founder William Booth provided help to homeless and addicted men in London, England and later began to innovate new and exciting means by which these very men could become rehabilitated, receive spiritual help, and in turn pass along this assistance to another in need.

Today, this tradition continues to be at the heart of The Salvation Army's work. There are thousands of assitance programs operating in the United States alone ranging from youth development programs to Adult Rehabilitiation services, from Seniors homes to Family Thrift Stores, from Worship centers to Emergency and Disaster Relief.

The Salvation Army is also at work in over 120 countries around the world providing all conceivable forms of assistance. The Salvation Army World Services provides such programs as HIV/AIDS clinics in Africa, homeless feeding services in Russia, micro-enterprise development in the Philippines, and homes for orphaned and abandoned children in Mexico, just to highlight a few.


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