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Youth Ministries

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Adult Ministries

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Youth Ministries

Adventure Corps

A Christian education program designed for school-aged boys intended to challenge the boys to commit their lives to Christ and to reach out into the community to lead them to Christ.


Corps Cadets

Youth seventh grade and up engage in Bible study, service projects, leadership training, and study of Salvation Army doctrine and history.


Girl Guards

Scouting-type activities for girls that promotes good character and citizenship, offers opportunity for service to others and emphasizes Christian standards.


Junior Soldiers

Salvation Army youth between seven and 14 years of age engage in intensive religious training in preparation for senior soldiership.



A social and spiritual development program for girls in grades one through five.


Youth Band

Meets once a week for practice of brass instruments, percussion and piano. Music theory is emphazied.



Adult Ministries

Community Care

Salvationists visit prisons, hospitals and needy homes, in their own time, bringing the gospel and rendering practical aid.


Men’s Fellowship Club

Program for men ages 16 and up to reach out to men for Christ, share in worship, social life, education and recreation, and engage in service together.


Senior Soldiers

A Senior Soldier is a person age 14 and above who accepts Jesus Christ as their savior and is a member of The Salvation Army. Individuals intrested in becoming a Senior Soldier must participate in a 6-8 week study at the corps. Please contact Major Mike Morton.


Women’s Ministries

Fellowship designed to influence women in the development of Christian standards.


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