Grider Family

Corps Officers

Majors Tim and Cheryl Grider

Majors Tim and Cheryl Grider have been part of The Salvation Army for their entire lives. Both are children of Salvation Army Officers and were raised in the organization. Major Tim was bown in Charleston, South Carolina, and is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with an Associate Degree in Business Management and Accounting. Major Cheryl was born in Winter Haven, Florida and is a graduate of Asbury College with a Bachelor Degree in Music. Together they were commissioned from The Salvation Army's College for Officers Training in Atlanta on June 4, 1990. They have served The Salvation Army across Florida, North Carolina, and Texas. For the last four years, they served in Amarillo. They have three children: Kevin (21), Nathan (16), and Chloe (8).



Assistant Corps Officer
Lieutenant Jana Griffin

Assistant Corps Officer


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