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FAQs - 2006 Online Red Kettle

The Online Red Kettle campaign has been designed so The Salvation Army can bring our traditional Red Kettles online. Our Red

Kettles have been an American tradition since 1891. And now with the 21st Century in full swing, we are branching out and embracing

new ways of raising much-needed funds to support The Army's vital work at Christmastime and year ‘round.

What is the Online Red Kettle campaign?

This campaign allows you to become a vital component of our fundraising efforts this Christmas season! You can now host your own

online Red Kettle and then send emails to others containing a link to your Red Kettle page. It's fun, easy and for a great cause and you'll

be amazed as you watch your online Red Kettle fill with donations. By helping us raise much needed funds, you are helping us in

"Doing the Most Good" by warming the hearts and souls of those in need at Christmastime and year 'round.

What types of online Kettles are being offered?

  • Personal Kettles - individuals can host their own Online Red Kettle by customizing their own Red Kettle Page and then invite others via

email to fill their Kettle with secure online donations.

  • Group Kettles - civic groups, church groups and other organizations can host their own online Group Kettle. A Group Kettle allows

group members to host their own Kettle. All fundraising will be applied to both their personal goal and group goal and thus all Kettle

donations will also be reflected automatically in the larger Group Kettle.

  • Business Kettles - any size and any form of business can host their own online Business Kettle in a co branded environment with

The Salvation Army. The amount of money collected in their Kettle will be reflected on their Business Kettle Page, real time. A

link to their online Business Kettle will automatically be provided which can then be included on a business internet/intranet site

and/or email blast out to employees, vendors, customers, etc.

What are the benefits of participating in this campaign?

  • You can start a time honored tradition of helping others.
  • Setting up your own online Red Kettle only takes a couple of minutes.
  • You can ask others to fill your online Red Kettle all from the comforts of your home or business.

Where will your donation go and whom will it help?

All donations given through the "Online Red Kettle" campaign will be:

  • Used to support The Salvation Army's vital work to help the less-fortunate in the communities we serve across America, at

Christmastime and year ‘round.

  • Allocated based on the donor's designation either to benefit the geographic area where the donor resides based on the donor's zip

code (default), or to the geographic area of the Kettle host, or to an area or ministry of the Army the donor specifies for their gift's use .

  • Additionally, all gifts and donor data will be processed and housed on The Salvation Army's secure servers. The Salvation Army

does not share, sell or rent donor data to anyone.

Where can I go to obtain additional information on this campaign?

  • Additional information including hosting your own online Red Kettle can be found at
  • Nicci Noble, National Electronic Fundraising Specialist for The Salvation Army is coordinating and supporting this effort.

She can be reached at or (415) 553-3528.


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