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How Your Donation Helps

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How your donation helps

Nationally, The Salvation Army helped 19,737,655 disadvantaged Americans last year without discrimination, including people who are hungry, homeless, abandoned or abused.

The need is growing all the time.

We have many heart-warming stories that owe their success to caring individuals like you. In fact, there are people out there right now whose lives could be changed because of you.

Please keep up the great work and help us to continue supporting people in need all year round.

People helped each week

Every day in Montgomery, The Salvation Army:

  • Provides 76 beds for the homeless
  • gives refuge to victims of abuse
  • provides over 100 meals and other groceries
  • helps addicted people towards recovery
  • provides blankets, coats and toiletries 

Humanitarian services we provide

  • Family welfare assistance
  • Refuge for women & children in crisis
  • Homeless shelters
  • Emergency and disaster relief
  • Case management
  • Hot meals to the public


While our ministry is often about ‘putting lives back together', The Salvation Army believes strongly in taking a preventative approach wherever possible, particularly with children and youth. This is seen in programs such as:

  • summer camps for disadvantaged children
  • youth programs at the local corps

These services aim to build positive interaction with young people before problems occur.

Early intervention

  • Where problems have started to develop, we believe early intervention is the next best strategy to prevention.

Enabling independence

We also believe in enabling independence rather than facilitating dependence:

  • Financial counseling service aims to address the factors contributing to financial hardship and to prevent dependence upon welfare assistance.
  • Crisis and supported accommodation programs for men, women and youth provide case management to help clients address the causes of their homelessness and move towards independence.


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