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On opening day, auditions will be conducted for placements in bands and choruses, as well as all other major tracks and leadership classes. Delegates are strongly encouraged to prepare in advance for the auditions so they can do their best! Opening day audition requirements for each TMI 2013 major (select only one) is shown here and all preparation materials are attached.

Band (Brass & Percussion) Majors

• Instrumental audition
• Choral audition

Brass (TC)

Bass Trombone


Vocal Performance & Leadership Majors

• Choral Audition
• Interview with VPL Instructor

Drama Majors

• Drama audition (Requires advanced memorization of monologue. See audition packet.)
• Choral audition

Note: Drama majors must bring a black T-shirt, long black pants, and plain flat black shoes for performance wear

Dance Majors

• Dance audition (prepared self-choreographed piece) Bring recorded music with you.
• Choral audition

Note: Dance majors must bring black T-shirt, long black pants, dance shoes (jazz or ballet) and other appropriately modest, comfortable dance attire that will allow the body to move easily.

Worship Team Majors

• Choral audition
• Interview / audition with Worship Coordinator (be prepared to demonstrate your skill on the instrument of your choice or a vocal solo)

Piano Majors

• Piano audition (Requires a Prepared piano solo)
• Choral audition

Note: Piano majors must be able to play at least Level 2 from The Simplified Piano Tune Book

Instrumental Leadership (Beginning & Advanced)

• Brass or Percussion audition (see audition packet for your instrument)
• Beginning Level: Interview with course instructor (must audition into Hall Band or above).
• Advanced Level: Audition with leadership instructors will determine proper placement (must audition into Longino or Holz Band)

Note: Instrumental Leadership delegates must be at least 18 years of age. They do not participate in a chorus.

Worship Team Leadership

• Choral audition
• Interview / audition with Worship Coordinator

Creative Arts Leadership

• Choral audition
• Interview / audition with Creative Arts Coordinator

Note: Creative Arts Leadership Majors must bring black T-shirt & long black pants.


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