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The Contemporary Guitarist: Methods for the Worship Musician

Level 1 Cover

The Contemporary Guitarist: Methods for the Worship Musician is a complete guitar method series for those who wish to become quality worship musicians! This course is for anyone, even if you've never touched a guitar before. The included CD contains all songs and exercises, and the accompanying DVD, featuring Marty Mikles, Jimmy Cox, and Adely Charles, is like having your very own instructor for every lesson!

Pages 22-23

The Salvation Army has recognized the importance of musical excellence in worship since very early in its history. For well over a hundred years, they have produced incredible amounts of quality music and educational material designed to enhance worship. The Contemporary Guitarist: Methods for the Worship Musician seeks to fulfill the same goal. Through this book, we hope that you will become a skilled worship artist, so that you can bring your very best to the Lord with the music that you play.

Level 1 includes:

C Maj C Maj Fretboard

• How to play all common open chords, complete with diagrams, photos, and exercises.

• Songs by transMission, one of the Salvation Army's premier praise bands, as well as other classic hymns.

• Suggestions for other popular songs that can be played at different points in the book.

• QR code links to extra online content (below).

By the end of this book, you will have a solid repertoire of songs you can use for worship. And be sure to continue with Levels 2 and 3 to learn more skills and to broaden the number of songs you can play.

QR Code Videos

QR Code 1 - Level 1: Further Rhythm Training


QR Code 2 - Level 1: Further Rhythm Training 2


QR Code 3 - Level 1: Playing & Singing Together


QR Code 4 - Level 1: Music Notation Training


QR Code 5 - Level 1: How to Play "Great Are You" Electric Intro



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