Territorial Band

The Salvation Army
USA Southern Territory

Nick Simmons-Smith, Bandmaster

2013 Roster  2012 Schedule
Soprano Cornet
Darryl Crossland
Solo Cornet
Jamie Hood
Jeff Barrington
David Delaney
Robert Taylor
Noel Morris
First Cornet
Manny Munoz
Paul Bridges
Second Cornet
Terry Israel
Jamie Bell
Flugel Horn
Robert Snelson
Solo Horn
Connie Barrington
First Horn
Deb Forde
Second Horn
Hillary Esquivel
First Baritone
Michael Cash
Second Baritone
Daniel Meeks
First Trombone
Jason Hathorn
Kevin Downing
Second Trombone
Melinda Ryan
Bass Trombone
Matt Broome
Philip Broome
Ben Howard
Eb Tuba
Andy Barrington
Mike Harris
Bb Tuba
Rick Potter
Roger Galabeas
Jeff Marquis
Brad Rowland
Salomon Elias
January 19-22 (Jackson, MS)
Dedication of New Corps Building
May 29 - June 3 (Atlanta, GA)
Commissioning Weekend
October 17-21 (Augusta, GA)
CD Recording & Ministry Weekend


2013 Territorial Band Auditions

Auditions are currently being accepted for the 2013 season of the USA Southern Territorial Band! For details, click brass or percussion


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