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Every Move I Make

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Every Move I Make
By Jude Gotrich

Certainly the most exciting time of modern worship is the present day. It seems that we have exploded our artistic expressions to the Lord with our varied offerings in worship. The full menu of worship art is as broad and as high and as wide and as deep as we could fathom in ‘this skin' of our humanness. We have fantastic brass traditions with our bands. The songsters have rallied right behind their instrumental counterparts with everything from beautiful heart ballads victorious fight songs. And in recent years, we have experienced the greater freedom in our worship through the visual arts, praise teams (plugged and unplugged), dance and drama. These are, indeed, exciting times of our worship.

But in a great sense, these components to worship were always God's intent. We have not created anything new. We must realize that God, at Creation, created the potential of all these things to eventually become a part of worship. In their ‘garden of Eden' kind of way, I believe that Adam and Eve freely expressed themselves in worship with reckless abandon and without restraint and every movement always glorifying God in a way that was only befitting to His exalted character.

It was only after the Fall that the enemy began his distortion of the creative arts. Century after century, the enemy would use the very beauty that God intended for His praise to become, over time, an abomination in the sight of God.

But God was not finished! God still desired our full worship. God put in place His plan to redeem the arts to His original intent. The arts belonged to Him. He is the ultimate Artist. He shows His victorious nature when His people take back from the enemy what was God's property from the start. And as the redeemed, we are to perform and move showing that redemption not only to Him but to others that might not know Him.

As people empowered with the Holy Spirit, when we worship with dance, we are not subject to the world's measure, but our movement enhances worship by closely marrying lyric with every move we make. We need to make sure that we are interpreting the song's every word with our every movement. We also need to be aware that we are sometimes dancing before non-believers and God desires a clear message of His Glory. Those who dance with a clear message speak to others for their strengthening, encouragement, divine joy and comfort. Those that dance with an unclear message edify themselves, but those that dance prophetically(sharing the Good News), with a clear message, edifies the Church (I Cor. 14:1-25).

A sacred dancer must also learn what God's Word says about dance. "It is not good to have zeal without knowledge." (Prov. 19:2 - NIV) This spiritual understanding combined with technical training prepares the sacred dancer to dance for the Lord.

There are many scriptural references to dance as a form of worship so we have a clear endorsement from the Father that He wants us to dance before Him. A word study of "Praise," "Rejoice," "Thanksgiving," and "Joyful," readily reveals that some of the words used in the original Greek and Hebrew are depicting specific movement.

We are taking back the arts! We do not need the enemy's interpretation and the world's standard. Our standard is the Lord and the redeemed move in worship to praise Him aright. May we demonstrate, by our presentations in wardrobe and movement, that we are the children of redemption and taking back what is rightfully ours as God's dancing children!

As we experience this greater freedom in our worship, we partner with King David in his passionate worship before the Lord (2 Sam. 6:14) - "And David danced before the Lord with all his might."

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