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Marty Mikles

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Marty Marty is a son of the regiment. A fighter and a peace-keeper. An artist and a sports fan. A writer and a critic. Perhaps most importantly, he is a sinner, wonderfully and continuously saved by grace.

He spent a good number of years in college, both at Old Dominion University, in Norfolk, Virginia, and at Georgia State University, in Atlanta, Georgia. It was in the halls and on the campuses of college where he really learned what it meant to be a light in dark places. Perhaps not always as bright as he should have been, he learned that relationships in community are the heartbeat of life. He graduated, after seven crazy years and two universities, in 2006 with a Bachelor of Music Degree.

Marty is currently serving as the Territorial Worship and Music Evangelism Specialist for The Salvation Army's Southern Territory. He's mostly responsible for creating and producing resources to equip those in the "Army" who are interested in alternative expressions of worship. He has been involved in the production of four of the most cutting edge resources that the Territory has published: Total Youth Invasion Send the Fire!, transMission's I Know A Fount, Unfailing Love, The World for God, Majestic and transMission's upcoming project, a series of songs based around The Army's Doctrines. Together with transMission, Marty challenges Salvationists to transform their worship of God into mission, giving the words they sing and their good intentions the legs to carry out the mission of the Body of Christ: THE WORLD FOR GOD! It's not enough to sing about changing the world - it's time to get up and do it.

Marty is fighting the good fight and running the race alongside four fantastic companions: Joy, his amazing wife, Justice, his passionately active five-year-old son, Gracie, his ever-so-lovely 2-year-old daughter, and Lilly, the less than energetic Golden Retriever.


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