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Lt. Cols. White

Lt. Col. Charles and Shirley White

Both Lt. Colonels Charles and Shirley White are out of the Owensboro, Ky Corps. They along with children, Scott and Janine, entered the School for Officers Training in 1965 in the Witnesses to the Faith Session. They were commissioned on June 3, 1967 to command Charleston, WVA Citadel Corps. It was in Charleston that Tonja and Connie were born into the family.

Following 3 wonderful years in Charleston and much growth in the corps, they were sent to Logan, WVA, for 3 years; then to Harrisonburg, VA for 4 years, Lynchburg for 5 years where they were able to complete a Capital Campaign and build a new corps community center. It was also in Lynchburg that the Angel Tree was founded in 1979 and quickly spread all over the United States and now in several other countries.

In 1982 the White's were appointed as Area Commanders for the Nashville TN Area Command. It was here that the Angel Tree had its launch nationally. After appearances on ABC Nightline and an interview with Larry King , requests came from across the USA for information. While in Nashville, Col White participated in the 1985 Leadership Nashville program. A successful Capital Campaign surpassing it's $4.5 Million goal allowed the construction of the Magness-Potter Corps Community Center and a relocation of the Area Command and shelter programs. Funds for the Nashville Citadel Corps came later through the proceeds of the Campaign.

After arriving in Atlanta in 1988 as General Secretary/Area Commander, Lt. Colonel Charles White was assigned to the International Training College in London, England and Lt. Colonel Shirley White handled the responsibilities of administration of the city of Atlanta, one of the Southern Territory's largest Commands, during that time.

After 3 years in Atlanta, , the Whites were assigned to the KT Division as General Secretary/Area Command for Louisville where they spent 5 great years overseeing the construction of several facilities and the operations of 5 Salvation Army Boys and Girls Clubs and Center of Hope Social Service program. 

In 1996 they moved back to Atlanta as Community Relations Secretary at Territorial Headquarters and after 18 short months moved to the GA Division as Divisional Commander. Then it was back to Louisville as the Divisional Commander for the KT Division. 

Again a move back to Atlanta and THQ in 2005 as Territorial Program Secretary for 4 years and in 2009 moved to the position of Secretary for Personnel until July 1, 2011 when they will retire in Nashville TN.

During their retirement, the Whites will serve The Salvation Army as Area Commanders for Nashville. 

Lt. Colonels White have been Salvation Army Officers for 45 years. It has been a wonderful journey in many different areas of service.


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