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Sponsor a Child for Summer Camp

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Summer Camp

The Salvation Army right here in Middle Tennessee wants to make sure kids from low income homes have the chance to make memories that they will treasure for a lifetime. That's why we are making a commitment to children who want to go to camp.

This isn't about simply sending kids on vacation. The Salvation Army's Camp Paradise Valley overnight camp is about taking on challenges and finding new ways of thinking. Sometimes it's about leaving stress behind and enjoying childhood. And for so many boys and girls, this is where they develop their independence and a personal relationship with God.  They get to participate in horseback riding, archery, swimming, canoeing, plus arts and crafts.

Please help us help us meet our commitment to these children. A gift of $180.00 will sponsor one child for a week at camp. An amount greater than this can send even more children to day camp for the entire summer where daily they are exposed to computer education, character building, physical fitness, arts and crafts and healther and wellness.

Please take time to reach out to a child and help them uncover their potential, discover their purpose and find God.

Throughout the year, your local Salvation Army provides numerous programs for the youth in our community through our Red Shield Kids Club which includes after-school mentoring, tutoring and homework assistance, computer training and life skills programs are provided kids with supervised alternatives to going home to an empty house while their parents are still at work. Our Corps Churches and service centers also provide vacation bible school, weekly youth groups, bible study and more!  We also make sure children are receiving the food, clothing and care they need to be healthy and strong.

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