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Hunger- in the form of each hungry person we meet - literally stops at The Salvation Army's doors . . . in our own community and in over 120 countries around the world, every day of every week of every month. It stops because The Salvation Army is a place of both physical and spiritual nourishment.

When a person is hungry, they can't function, or concentrate or do well at anything. Imagine the damage it does to the job performance of hardworking parents . . . or a child's ability to learn at school. Hunger is the enemy of hope, and so we fight it, right here in Middle Tennessee.

But hunger stops when people are fed . . . when their peace of mind is restored . . . when their lives are changed by purpose where there was none . . . and when people are given strength to fight life's battles.

It is the desire of The Salvation Army to serve as the hands of Jesus here in our community - to provide a place where, when someone is hungry, we give him something to eat . . . and when someone is thirsty, we give her something to drink.

Every Tuesday morning The Salvation Army Breakfast Brigade serves a warm meal to our homeless family and every Friday night the Soup Wagon mobile feeding canteen serves dinner under the Jefferson Street Bridge. With your gifts, we are able to provide 250 families a food box each month through our Emergency Services Center.

Your donation today, will help us fulfill a promise to those in need.
$25 = Food Box for Family of 4
$2.00 = Provides a warm meal to a resident in our transitional housing program
$150 = Homeless Ministry Feeding Outreach to 150 people

Anything that you can offer to help will be used to make sure that hunger stops here. Won't you help today?

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