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Membership Inquiries:
Are you looking to connect with a group of caring warm-hearted women?  Members of The Salvation Army's Women's Auxiliary spend time together doing the most good for our community through their involement and leadership in several annual activities.  Please contact Sue Montgomery at 371-1438.

Give a Gift of Hope this Christmas
The Women's Auxiliary will be selling lovely Christmas cards, with a painitng by Ellen Sadler, of a Salvation Army Brass band in downtown Nashville to help fundraise for the many programs and services the Women's Auxiliary supports through The Salvation Army. The cards are $10 each and states that a donation in honor of the recipient has been given to the Women's Auxiliary of the Army.  To purchase contact 242-0411.  Get your order in now, quantities are limited!


Mrs. James Aderhold, Jr. Mrs. Robert Johnson
Mrs. Douglas Altenbern Ms. Edith Johnston
Mrs. James  Anderson Mrs. Horton Jones
Mrs. John Anderson Mrs. J. Kennedy
Mrs. Nelson Andrews Mrs. Robert King
Mrs. T. G.  Andrews Mrs. Connie King
Mrs. Carter Andrews Mrs. Mary Pillow Kirk
Mrs. Ron Baird Mrs. Randolph LaGasse
Mrs. Cullen Baker Mrs. Lawrence Lauterbach
Mrs. Dan Barge Mrs. Edward Lea, Jr.
Ms. Nancy Bass Mrs. Ted Lee
Mrs. Jack Bass, Jr. Mrs. Harry Lester
Ms. Bettie Baxter Mrs. Janie Macey
Mrs. Herbert Berry Mrs. George MacIntyre
Mrs. Brent Birchfield Mrs. David Mahanes
Mrs. George Bivins Mrs. William Manier
Mrs. J. Blevins Mrs. Victor Marchese
Mrs. James Blevins Mrs. M. E. Marshall
Ms. Mary Jane Blount Mrs. Charles Marshall
Mrs. Boyd Bogle, III Mrs. Robert Matthews
Mrs. David  Bond Mrs. Paul McGinness
Mrs. Erskine Bonds Mrs. Richard McHenry
Mrs. Dennis Bottorff Mrs. Wm. McHugh
Mrs. Ann Brothers-Huddleston Mrs. Frank Merhoff
Mrs. William Bryan, Jr. Mrs. Richard Miller
Mrs. Charles Bryan Mrs. John Mitchell
Mrs. Frank Bumstead Mrs. Andrew Mizell, III
Mrs. Jack Burch Mrs. John Moore
Mrs. Naud Burnett Mrs. Richard Morgan
Mrs. Ken Burress Mrs. White Morrison, Jr.
Mrs. Jack Butler Mrs. Peggy Moss
Mrs. Shirley   Cannon Mrs. Robert Napier
Mrs. Charles Cannon, Jr. Mrs. Charles Nelson
Mrs. Richard Cardin Mrs. Robert Norling
Mrs. W. Cargile Mrs. Russell Oldfield
Mrs. Bob Carpenter Mrs. Dortch Oldham
Mrs. James Cawood Mrs. Lenora Oldham
Mrs. Joel Cheek Mrs. Ronald Overfield
Mrs. Edward Cherney Mrs. Stanley Overton
Mrs. Sam Christopher Mrs. Harry Page
Mrs. John Clark Mrs. Trish Parker
Mrs. Scott Clayton Mrs. William Parker
Mrs. David Cole Mrs. Bert Parrish, Jr.
Mrs. Lewis Conner, Jr. Mrs. James Perry
Ms. Beth Connors Mrs. Al Phillips
Ms. Joyce Cook Mrs. Dick Philpot
Mrs. M. P.  Couch Mrs. John Phipps
Mrs. Edward Cox Mrs. Sid Pilson
Mrs. John Crawford Mrs. Bruce P'Pool
Ms. Susan Creagh Mrs. Clayton Price
Mrs. Rob Crichton Miss Carrie Proctor
Mrs. Tom Cummings Mrs. Dick Ragsdale
Mrs. Harvey Cummings Mrs. Warner Ralls
Mrs. Albert Dale Major Sharon Raymer
Mrs. James Dale Mrs. Jim Reed
Mrs. William Davis Mrs. Paschal Reeves
Mrs. Jim Davis Mrs. Jim Reynolds
Mrs. Lipscomb Davis, Jr. Mrs. John Rich
Mrs. Lipscomb Davis, Sr. Mrs. Douglas Riddell
Mrs. Charles Dennard Mrs. Doyle Rippee
Ms. Mary Ann Denney Mrs. Joseph Robbins
Mrs. Marc Dennis Mrs. Tom Robinson
Mrs. William Denny Mrs. John Alden Rodgers
Mrs. Jack Diller Mrs. Joe Rodgers
Mrs. Bill Dillon Mrs. Robert Sadler

Mrs. James Dismukes

Mrs. Houston Sarratt
Mrs. Ben Doubleday Mrs. Joseph Scarlett
Mrs. Gene Douglas Mrs. John Schaffner
Mrs. Albert Duling Mrs. Robert Schwartz
Mrs. Earl Dunn Mrs. Frank Sheffield
Mrs. William Earthman, Jr. Mrs. Jack Shepherd
Mrs. Mark Eberle Mrs. Dee Shepherd
Mrs. Al Echols Mrs. Thomas Sherrard, III
Mrs. Wallace Edwards, Jr. Mrs. Robert Short
Mrs. William Edwards Mrs. H. Shull
Mrs. Roy Elam, Jr. Mrs. Harrison Shull, Jr.
Mrs. James Elder Mrs. Marc Siegel
Mrs. DeWitt Ezell, Jr. Mrs. Bob Smith
Mrs. Jack Faris Ms. M. Smith
Mrs. Rendigs Fels Mrs. Sam Smith
Mrs. James Fesmire Ms. Sarah Smith
Mrs. Charles Findley Mrs. Meredith Spence
Mrs. James Fite Mrs. Donald Stover
Mrs. F. Fitzpatrick Mrs. Alfred Strayhorn
Mrs.  Bill Fleet Mrs. Gene Stribling
Mrs. Duncan Fort, Jr. Mrs. Wilborn Strode
Mrs. J. E.  Freeman Mrs. Thomas Summers
Mrs. Jerry Fridrich Mrs. Frank Tacker
Mrs. Franklin Fuhrman Mrs. Tim Taylor
Mrs. J. Fuqua Mrs. Edward Thackston
Mrs. Ben Gambill Mrs. William Thetford
Mrs. James C. Gardner, Jr. Miss Elizabeth Thompson
Mrs. Homer Gibbs Mrs. Louis Todd
Mrs. Ralph Glassford Mrs. Lindsey Trella
Mrs. Robert Goidel Mrs. William Turner
Mrs. Burton Grant Mrs. Elizabeth Turner
Mrs. Herschel Graves Mrs. Eric Viars
Mrs. Sarah Green Mrs. Scott Viebranz
Mrs. Edna Green Mrs. Fred Vincent
Mrs. William Greenwood Mrs. Joyce Voorhees
Mrs. Batey Gresham Mrs. Bill Wadlington
Mrs. Eric Groos Mrs. Jonathan Weaver
Mrs. Bernard Gustafson Mrs. Beth Weaver-Kline
Mrs. Betty Hadley Mrs. William Weaver III
Mrs. Thomas Hagan Mrs. Robert Weigel
Mrs. Charles Hailey Mrs. Hugh Welch
Mrs. Arthur Hancock Mrs. Charles Wells
Mrs. John Hardin Mrs. Weldon White
Mrs. Richard Hart Ms. Ann White
Mrs. Sam Harwell Mrs. L. Whitefield
Mrs. J. Haynes Mrs. Frank Wilk
Mrs. Dixie Heagy Mrs. Joe Williams
Mrs. Donald Heim Mrs. Turner Williams
Mrs. Jack Heldman Mrs. David Williamson
Mrs. George Hetzel Mrs. Paul Williamson
Mrs. Adolph Hill Mrs. Bill Wills
Mrs. David Hitt Mrs. M. S. Wilson
Mrs. William Hoffman, III Mrs. John Wimberly, III
Mrs. Hale Hooper Mrs. Edward Winn
Mrs. Calvin Houghland, Jr. Mrs. John Witherspoon
Mrs. Harold D. Houx Mrs. Thomas Woodard
Mrs. John Howell Mrs. DeVaughn Woods
Mrs. Charles Howell, III Mrs. E. Woolwine
Mrs. Woodward Husband Mrs. Randall Yearwood
Mrs. Edward Jenkins Mrs. George Yowell
Mrs. Bill Johnson Mrs. John Zeitler
Mrs. Sam Johnson, III  


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