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Transitional Housing for Families, Single Women
and Men (Operation Bootstraps)

At The Salvation Army Nashville Area Command Center of Hope, we offer long-term transitional housing programs and life skills to help people become independent and lead happier lives.  Watch the video below to watch Michelle's testimony.

The Nashville Center of Hope offers the following programs to the community:

Transitional Housing for Families & Single Women: Provides safe, affordable housing and social work case management for families and single women who are homeless, in transition, training programs or treatment and recovery, or who are victims of abuse and neglect. The goal of the program is to assist homeless families and single women in gaining the employment and personal skills necessary to achieve financial and personal stability and move to permanent housing. Based on our track record, approximately 65% of homeless families enrolled in the program will maintain a permanent source of income and move into permanent housing. Eighty percent of single women enrolled in the program will maintain a permanent source of income and move to permanent housing.

Operation Bootstraps: On June 18th, 2012, we revived a new long-term transitional housing program specifically for men, called Operation Bootstraps.  Each resident has their own living space for up to two years, though typically transitions between 6 to 8 months. Participants are highly motivated individuals who are tired of being homeless, and have been drug and alcohol-free for at least 30 days.  All Operation Bootstraps residents must have a job within their first two weeks, and are assigned to a case manager to assist them with job readiness, money management, and other classes (such as GED completion) through our Life Skills Learning Center. Rent is paid on a sliding scale, according to ability to pay.  By evolving from a shelter into a long-term transitional housing program, we expect a higher rate of longterm success for participants to live independent and satisfying lives.


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