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Life Skills Learning Programs

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Special Report

Life Skills Learning was launched in April 2007 by two volunteers and some donated GED materials. Here are some highlights to date.

  • More than 300 GED Students
  • More than 175 students completed GED test preparation with volunteer tutors
  • Facilitated Personal Developement & Leadership programs for 150 participants
  • Facilitated Budget training for 215 service recipients and community residents.
  • Resume and Job Readiness instruction to 500 job seekers
  • 65 youth received Life Skills Learning for 5 weeks during summer day camp
  • 40 participants attended legal clinic
  • More than 200 individuals recieved one-on-one coaching sessions on goal setting, vision, action items, affordable housing resources, free bank & checking resources.

The Salvation Army Life Skills Learning program provides a host of educational and developmental services for the success, empowerment, growth, and advancement of individuals in our community. The program supplies services for the person as a whole, focusing on authentic change from the inside out. A variety of classes, seminars and workshops are offered throughout the year at no charge. For more information call 615-242-0411. Download the Calendar of Events by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Life Skills:
Parenting Conflict Resolution ● Dress for Success ● Good Hygiene ● Time Management ● Home Safety ● First Aid ● CPR ● Menu Planning/Preparation ● Emergency Services provided by The Salvation Army

Personal Development:
Goal Setting ● Rehabilitation ● Planning & Organizing ● Personal Mission Statement ● Life Business Coaching ● Recovery Workshops ● Leadership Development ● Attitude/Words/Thoughts ● Team Development/Relating with others ● Family Mission & Goals ● Heath/Fitness/Nutrition

Christian Development:
Counseling/Spiritual Development ● There is HOPE ● Get Life Back on Track ● Bible Studies ● Prayer Meetings ● Worship Meetings ● Handing Out Bible Tracks ● Christian Workshops ● Spiritual Disciplines

Professional Development:
Resume Writing ● Professional Development ● Resume Writing ● Interview Skills ● Job Search Approach ● Establish Professional Relationships for Referrals ● Computer Literacy ● Effective Communication ● Understanding Legal Issues ● Empowerment ● Honor-God, Self, Others ● Time Efficiency

Financial Development:
Budgeting ● Money Management/Savings/Open Checking ● Planning for Future ● Credit Score ● Maintaining Home Ownership ● Established Relationships with banks, mortgage companies & affordable housing ● Income Help

Educational Development:
GED Orientation ● GED Classes/GED Testing ● Pre-College Prep ● Established Relationships with local schools

Get Inspired by our Testimonal Wall

Robert Davis "I passed my GED test and got a job!" 
Read Robert's testimonial below:

"My mother-in-law came across the Salvation Army G.E.D program and gave me the information. I called Amy Sky and she invited me to come the following Tuesday. I came in; she greeted me with open arms talked with me about what I needed. I started to take the classes Tuesday and Thursday.  The volunteer's teachers are great, they are one-on-one with you and they go over the problem till you get it. After a half year of taking the classes I took my test on May 28TH 2010. Before I took it I prayed that I would remember everything that was taught to me. The results came in I prayed before I opened it. I looked and saw an x were it said pass I gave thinks to Jesus right then and there. If I had given up I would not known the victory of getting my G.E.D."

Kelvin McConner "God blessed me with a Job"
Read Kelvin's testimonial below:

"I moved to Nashville from Mississippi to have a change of pace in my lifestyle. Upon arrival to Nashville I was staying at a hotel. I heard about The Salvation Army and decided to obtain some knowledge about the programs and how they could help me find a job and housing. I met with Amy Sky and she gave me some insight about the programs and how she could help me. We completed my resume and set some goals and action items.  She gave me some positive encouragement and prayer to help me through my troubled times. About 12 days later I was gratefully employed. I stuck with the program and gained better housing and even a new car. Amy was a blessing to me as well as the Salvation Army Program."

 Anonymous GED Student:

"I came to the Salvation Army in need of a place to sleep for the night. During the time dinner was being served, in came Amy Sky. She introduced herself and starting giving us information about getting on the computer to find jobs, or housing. I saw that GED classes were being held and explained to Amy that I had never received my high school diploma. She set me up with my classes. I attended classes twice a week for about 4 or 5 months. My tutors were great and very helpful; they taught me a lot. I studied really hard and through all my nervousness I was able to complete this course. Once the test started everything starting flowing and I overcame some fears I had. I was very nervous waiting on the results, but when they came I was very pleased thanks to Amy Sky, and my tutors."

GED Student Star
Read Star's Accomplishments below:

Star lived a few blocks from The Salvation Army Nashville Area Command.  Star was pregnant, working at McDonalds and desperately wanted to get her GED.  Star dropped out of HS in the 9th grade.  She knew with her GED she could do anything she wanted to do.  Star's Mom dropped out of HS also, yet got her GED when she was 32 years old.  Star walked to The Salvation Army Nashville Area Command, Life Skills Learning GED classes every Tuesday and Thursday.  She was an excellent student.  Very committed and determined.  The tutors worked with her, they were completely committed to her success!  Star was faithful in her studies.  She scored so high on her official GED practice test she received a voucher toward her official GED test!

Star passed her official GED test October 27, 2008!  Star is going to National College to be a Pharmacist!

Watch Michelle's Testimony




Be a Volunteer!
Interested in volunteering? We welcome any individual who can teach, tutor, mentor and share inspirations and motivations with others. Contact Matt Vamvas at 615-242-0411 Ext. 109 or email


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