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turning point mom and kidsSheree didn't think things could get any worse. At 23, she had two young children, no high school diploma, a job she recently lost - and an abusive
boyfriend whose alcoholic rages were becoming more and more unpredictable.

One night, Sheree was curled up in a ball in the back of her one-bedroom apartment after suffering the wrath of a particularly violent episode. She knew then and there that she had to take her children and leave, but she didn't know how - or even if - she could summon the courage.

"I never knew when he'd turn on me. I didn't know what would set him off. I tried to get help, but I was afraid of what would happen if he found out. He could get so angry..." she told us, her voice trailing off.

Suffering under the palpable tension at home, her kids started doing poorly in school and daycare. The bills began to mount and Sheree was threatened with eviction. She was up against a wall with no way out.
It was at that point that Sheree says she often lost faith - faith in herself - and even in God.

"I just gave up," she said, her eyes downcast and rimmed with tears. "I figured I deserved all the bad things that were happening to me."

But something good finally happened to Sheree -something wonderful, in fact! A friend told her she could find help and hope at The Salvation Army through Turning Point.

The Turning Point Center gives single mothers and their children a safe haven and an extensive support system to help them break the patterns of homelessness and joblessness. Families can stay in private apartments with their children for up to two years where they receive case management, crisis intervention, individual and family counseling, advocacy, and independent living skills classes to help them lay the groundwork for a productive future.

Turning Point also includes childcare services so mothers can find employment and complete their education.

"Like so many other single mothers, Sheree came to us broken and dispirited," recalls Pam Lieber, Director. "She felt the world had turned it's back on her. That God was not listening. That nobody would ever care enough about her to help her turn her life and the lives of her children around. But that's what Turning Point is all about. It's about people reaching





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