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Local Thrift Stores - Donated Goods

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National Capital Area Thrift Stores

For Pick-up of donations:

In Virgina:

The Salvation Army
6528 Little River Turnpike
Alexandria, VA  22312

In Maryland or The District of Columbia:

The Salvation Army
3304 Kenilworth Ave.
Hyattsville, MD  20781

Your used furniture, clothing, and other household items may enable you to make a tax-deductible contribution which will help support our addiction recovery programs.

Call 1-800-95-TRUCK (1-800-958-7825) to discuss a pick up of your items or to find out the nearest drop off location.

Click here for a list of Thrift Store locations.

Usable clothing is one of the most important "raw materials" that help the Adult Rehabilitation Centers work.  Not only is donated clothing sold in our Thrift Stores, but these items are utilized directly in The Salvation Army's Family Service efforts, our Disaster Services operations and the Adult Rehabilitation Center programs.

Usable furniture forms a large component of our donations each year.  Most furniture is accepted and is usually picked up by one of our Red Shield trucks.  Furniture is most often sold in our Thrift Stores, with all the proceeds going to fund The Salvation Army's Adult Rehabilitation Programs. Due to the excessive cost of dumping and major repairs, we can only accept furniture that is in salable or easily repairable condition. Thank you for your understanding.

Usable household goods of all kinds including knick knacks, electronics, kitchen appliances and other items, sporting goods, etc. are gladly accepted.
Items needed:

  • Clothing of all types (women, children and men)
  • Furniture
  • Appliances (must be in working order)
  • Household Items
  • Shoes
  • Bric-A-Brac (odds and ends)
  • Televisions, Stereos and Computers
  • Books
  • Jewelry and Accessories
  • Toys and Games
  • Sporting Goods

Items not accepted:

  • Broken appliances
  • Water beds
  • Furniture in bad repair
  • Magazines
  • Old encyclopedias
  • Bathroom fixtures (toilets, etc.)
  • Tires
  • Paint
  • Swing sets
  • Water heaters
  • Windows
  • Doors


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