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Alexandria, VA Corps

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Advisory Board

Fred Brink, Chairman
Theo Androus, Property Chair
Linda Holliman, Treasurer
Margaret Moore, Secretary
Jamie Paul, President-Women‟s Auxiliary
Walter Clarke

Evelyn Elliott
Daniel Garrett Fannon
Judith Glaubig, Esq.
Van Hipp
Marjorie Kicak
Thomas Roberts, DMD
Peter Straub, Esq.
Jeanne Theismann
Life Members
George Hatzes
Lewis Stearman

Celebrating 125 Years in the Alexandria

The Salvation Army Alexandria Citadel Corps

1804 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301


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The Corps Community Center is the focal point for Salvation Army activities and programs tailored to the needs of the Alexandria community. The Alexandria Corps has worship opportunities as well as music, educational and social activities for adults and youth. In addition, we provide basic services to those in need through our social services program.
 Lt. Trey Jones  and Lt. Sheri Jones, Corps Officers


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