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Youth Programs

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Junior Soldiers
This program is for children ages 7-14. The purpose of the program is to provide spiritual development of the young people in the corps/Church. Junior Soldiers learn about the Bible, The Salvation Army, and how to live a Christ-centered life.
Junior Band
Music lessons for beginner brass students
Girl Guards/Sun Beams
Girls ages 11-18 may participate in the Girl Guard program while ages 6-10 participate in Sun Beams. These programs offer girls the opportunity to learn skills and earn emblems similar to the Girl Scout program with a Christian focus.
Adventure Corps
Boys grades 5-8 may participate in Adventure Corps as Rangers while the boys grades 1-4 participate as Explorers. This exciting program offers boys the opportunity to learn skills and earn emblems similar to Boy Scouts with a Christian focus.
Teen Programs
Corps Cadets
Teens are invited to participate in The Salvation Army Corps Cadet program. Corps Cadets is an intensive Bible Study course for youth in grades 6-12. In addition to Bible study they learn the doctrines, beliefs and history of The Salvation Army while growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
Teens can also participate in T4C (Teens for Christ). This is a Gospel Arts group that performs regularly during worship services. The group members perform in plays, skits, mime, timbrels, dance and a praise band which leads praise and worship songs on Youth Sundays.

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