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Advisory Board

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Executive Committee

Chairman: Tom Lee
Vice Chairman: Mike Buresh
Secretary: Sally Ragsdale
Treasurer:  W. Hamilton Taylor

Mary Ashley

Steve Bacalis

Hank Bonar

Tyrie Boyer, Jr.

Cecilia Bryant

Mike Buresh

Jack Coleman

Louis Costanza

William Courtney, Jr.

Mort Crim

Arthur Crofton

D. Clint Dawkins, III

RADM Kevin Delaney (R)

Gilbert Feltel, Jr.

S.Mark Hand

Arthur "Buddy" Jacobs

Hobart Joost, Jr.

Stephen Joost

Tommy Lee

M. Richard Lewis, Jr.

Dr. Richard Lipsey

Ernestine Moody-Robinson

Ricardo Morales, Jr.

Dr. Robert Morris, Jr.

Sally Ragsdale

Joseph M. Ripley, Jr.

Sheriff John H. Rutherford

Mike Schneider

Jennie Shad

Matt Shirk

A.C. "Chip" Skinner, III

John P. Sullivan

W. Hamilton Traylor

Henry Turner, Jr.

Dr. Robert VanCleve

Mike Weinstein

Gregory Wellstead

David Wingard

Wayne Young

Emilio Zeller, III

Life Members

Jack Caruso

Jack Coleman

John W. Connelly, Jr.

Robert E. Darby

Philip S. May, Jr.

Charles D.Towers, Jr.

Emeritus Members

William Barnett

Dan Coffman, Jr. 

Blanche Coggin

Marvin Harper

Rita Joost

Linda Mosely 

Mark Mullins

Robert Read

Hans Tanzler, Jr.


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